MSM Attacking White American’s With This New Fabricated Story

The Anti Defamation League continues to take a bold stand in combating the heinous crime of breathing while white. CEO Johnathan Greenblatt has announced that, as always, the group recorded a massive surge in “white supremacist propaganda” in 2020. The ADL, an enormously wealthy and powerful group with strong ties to the federal government, believes that the flyers and stickers it identified are a major threat.

Media finds more race propaganda

After a year in which the ADL and their leftist friends have spewed unprecedented levels of repulsive anti-white rhetoric and racial hatred, the report acknowledged that some backlash was expected.

Of course, the League is one of the many liberal organizations which is notorious for labeling just about anything “white supremacist” if it opposes their far left agenda.

With any remotely right wing organization or ideology potentially falling into their white supremacist category, the only real surprise in this report is that Greenblatt apparently struggled so much to find any actual crimes to pin on this imaginary threat.

What the ADL considers to be a great threat to the government, normal Americans prefer to call free speech. Patriotic stickers, posters, and flyers, which the ADL would like to criminalize, should be completely non controversial in a country with the First Amendment.

To the media and the ADL though, patriotic messages are actually hateful and violent propaganda being subtly pushed on unwitting Americans.

One would love to know where the limit lies for Greenblatt and his organization. There is a non so subtle suggestion in their statement which indicates that President Trump and his supporters all belong under their broadening white supremacy label.

White Americans attacked again

In a sane country the Anti Defamation League would be laughed out of public life for calling a sticker a dangerous piece of hateful propaganda.

After all, the ADL does nothing but spread hateful propaganda, this report included. There’s no need for stickers and posters for them, however. This radical organization has the ear of the most powerful people and groups in America.

The left wing media, government agencies, and even police departments all accept what the ADL reports to them as the unbiased truth, giving this dangerously partisan group an enormous amount of power to decide what is or is not acceptable speech.

White Americans are under a relentless attack from seemingly everyone in 2021 and this latest slanderous contribution to the mainstream media narrative is certain to make the situation even worse.

Left wing organizations spewing venom at white and conservative Americans is nothing new, it has been happening for years and so it can be easy to ignore these shrill attacks and forget about them altogether.

When groups like the Anti Defamation League have so much influence over so many powerful decision makers in America, however, normal Americans might find that their increasingly aggressive assault on white people is simply impossible to ignore.

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