Law Says: Courtesy Stops With the First Rock

Once “the first rock is cast, law enforcement is compelled to keep order.” The opposite of order is anarchy. With anarchy taking over one progressive city after another, President Trump has been extremely patient with liberal jurisdictions, even though he’s chomping at the bit to send in federal troops. That patience may be nearing an end. As one conservative contributor to The Hill points out, “the normal legal courtesy of awaiting an invitation from local jurisdictions to intervene seems moot if that jurisdiction is actively tolerating the violence in the first place.”

Do we have law and order or not?

In the “opinion” of Kevin R. Brock, who writes for The Hill because he knows what he’s talking about, and also because the Hill has to print a conservative story once in a while, “peaceful protest is by nature political.” That means, “there is no role for law enforcement involvement or interest.” He’s totally correct.

That can flip 180 degrees in an instant. As he explains in detail, “once the first rock is cast, law enforcement is compelled to keep order and safety regardless of the underlying issues.” In cities like Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis, officials who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution disarmed and defunded their police, while allowing anarchists to burn down the police stations along with the rest of the city, just to terrorize the residents into believing that Black Lives Matter more than the rest. Which is racist.

Right now, in America there’s “a growing sense” that “you can do bad stuff and get away with it.” The very “systems we’ve put in place to keep us safe and secure,” are “failing us.” All the while, “Frightening scenes are playing out hourly on the screens we have at our fingertips.” The worst part of it is that nobody wants to do anything about it and actually enforce the law.

No excuse for continuing violence

As Brock argues, there’s absolutely “no excuse for allowing violence to continue on the scale we are seeing in major U.S. cities.” Why? Because “the laws that we the people have put in place are clear: There is no moral equivocation available in the face of violence and destruction. Criminal violence never equals justice.” Besides that, most Americans are totally convinced that they don’t owe reparations to anybody.


More than ever before, it seems that law enforcement “is being manipulated by political forces in direct contravention of its mission to protect and serve with absolute impartiality.” The police are the ones being put into handcuffs instead of the arsonists. “When political leadership in a city restrains police enforcement activity because their own sympathies align with rioters, then we enter a constitutionally perilous environment that must be rectified by higher authorities.”

States are supposed to have certain sovereign rights. Our founding fathers wanted it that way. It’s not carved in stone, but out of courtesy, the federal government normally stands back in order to “defer to local control and peacekeeping.” Now, we’re in uncharted territory. “When there is a conscious decision by local authorities to withdraw or restrain police protections from the populace because of certain political preferences, then federal authority should be exercised to protect the constitutional rights of the local citizenry.” That is more commonly known as “Martial Law.”

A preponderance of Americans are ready to agree with Mr. Brock that “The time to act against this summer’s urban violence is past due. One senses that America today is more inclined to say ‘enough is enough’ than it was even a month ago.” He also points out that “If the federal government had waited for an invitation from southern Democrats decades ago, integration of schools, restaurants, and access to the polls would have come much later for Black Americans.” Do we have law? Or Anarchy? We may soon find out for sure, one way or the other.

  1. The US Marshal Service was created to over ride Sheriffs that did not enforce or enforced the law one sided. Send the Marshals in and clean up the shit heads that are causing the trouble ie: Antifa, BLM, and other dip shits.

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