Hunter Biden Has Confessed…

Joe Biden is too demented to worry about Hunter’s laptop, that’s why they postponed his physical again. He has a whole team of highly paid attorneys working on it, so he just stares blankly and giggles at reporters until his handlers set him up with another dish of ice cream. Just sit here quietly, Joe, and we’ll make it go away, the lawyers assure. They’re getting lots of help.

Laptop in laser focus

After over two years of media denial, thanks to the Biden defense team, Hunter’s laptop suddenly exists and is real. The damage control experts decided to order all the network media outlets under their control to focus all the lenses like a laser, on Hunter Biden’s nefarious “laptop from hell.

They’re hoping it will melt away all the evidence before it’s too late. They need to vaporize his emails once and for all, because a cover up won’t work. Not this time. Everyone would know all the dirt’s still there in a big pile under the rug.

On Wednesday, Biden attorneys fired off a “string of letters, which included criminal referrals and cease-and-desist missives aimed at critics and detractors.” The free-speech chilling message they’re sending is that daring to mention the laptop or anything that’s on it will get you in serious legal trouble.

The Washington Post gloats that the sudden shift in policy marks “the start of a new and far more hard-hitting phase” for the family “just as House Republicans prepare their own investigations.

Biden lawyer Abbe Lowell is heading this aspect of the offensive defense and already sent a letter to Merrick Garland, with a copy to the Attorney General for Delaware, spelling out their marching orders. Lowell is “requesting” a few little investigations.

The FBI is about to come down like a ton of bricks with all their wiretaps, rats and subpoenas to make life miserable for anyone who had a hand in alerting the public to Hunter’s laptop and it’s contents. The post calls them “several key players who were involved in disseminating data.

Abandoned, not stolen

The first person that the FBI is going to persecute like America’s Most Wanted criminal is John Paul Mac Isaac. He’s about to be declared a “thief” because the whole defense strategy hinges on “stolen” data. The big flaw in their logic, which hopefully will make it into all the right courtrooms, is that Biden “abandoned” his laptop.

That makes it property of Mac Isaac to do with as he pleases. If he wanted to hand it, or a copy, to Rudy Giuliani, why not? Everyone knows he took it to the FBI first. That ruined his life. Now he’s about to be investigated on criminal charges. He’s not alone.

Lowell is also demanding a criminal investigation into former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Simply because Mac Isaac gave him material from the Biden laptop and he “later distributed it.” Out where the public could find out about it.

Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello is also to be investigated. Another big name Lowell wants thrown in chains as soon as legally possible is Stephen K. Bannon, who dared to “facilitate initial news stories” about the laptop contents.

Jack Maxey and Garrett Ziegler are also in hot water up to their chins for circulating the truth. Yaacov Apelbaum, a former aide to Senator Ron Johnson is in big trouble for copying the truth. He helped Mac Isaac “create a ‘forensic image‘ of the hard drive.

Esquire magazine recommends the Biden team “focus on Mac Isaac.” That’s because “he’s got fewer friends in high places and the least political influence.” Their summary makes perfect sense and conservatives are smart enough to see which words need to be flipped back right-side up. “Laundering the data” could “make it harder for the ratfckers to launch unsourced garbage into the mainstream.” That’s probably what they’ll call this article, too even though they’re the source.

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