BLM Terrorists Attack Elderly Shop Owner to Prove ‘Black Lives Matter’

Attacking somebody less likely to defend themselves only proves cowardice. Pick on somebody your own size or slink off into the darkness with the rest of the demons. If Black Lives really Mattered there would be so many things they could do differently, peacefully, to affect change. BLM is part of a civil war caused in large part by news media. It’s all about eyes, ratings, sensationalism at the expense of a peaceful people.

BLM raped Kenosha

Rioters and looters set fire to buildings after vandalizing and stealing. The Correctional Facility at 1212 60th St. was also burned according to residents.

An older man named Robert saw the mattress store he worked at for years go up in flames and thought to do something about it.

A BLM demon threw a knock out hit

To an elderly gentleman just trying to save something that’s helped people. Looters were carrying glass bottles out, Robert sprayed them. One looter nailed him, knocked him unresponsive for a moment.

On the bright side, he lived. Somebody in the video remarked, “they started the fire and he started putting it out but they started attacking him and he went to the hospital, he’s out now.” He had a broken jaw, a black eye and needed stitches. He’s about 70 years old.

With BLM, “This can happen to you”

Normal humans will understand protests and injustices, but not the violence and looting. “I don’t mind the protests man, I mind the violence and looting. That’s what’s disgusting. I understand the injustice, but I don’t understand this, at all,” Robert said. A GoFundMe has been started for both the older gentleman and the store owners.

As soon as Wisconsin governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency and called out the National Guard, violence dropped. There was more looting the second night but not as much.

Julia Jackson, Blake’s mother, asked for the violence to stop. “It doesn’t reflect my son or my family. If Jacob knew that was going on as far as that goes, the violence and the destruction, he would be very unpleased.”

  1. F#ck BLM the dumb ass’s dont matter to many in our country , Most just don’t have the balls to sat so . The dumb ass’s are going down a one way street to a dead end . See how they run crying when their dieing in the streets cause they took things to far and don’t know how to stop it . That day is coming sooner then you think . So be very careful out there … this is only a warning , but one you should take to heart . But then It’s your life to waste … so …

  2. Typical, attack the elderly men and women along with the handicapped. They are so big and bad. What yellow bellied cowards endorsed and encouraged by the democrat leaders. These leaders have to be so proud of backing a bunch of terrorist that attack the weakest in their communities and destroy what their honest hard working citizens built. Talk about trash for leaders and a pile of horse dung terrorists, including the leaders in the democratic party.

  3. The one thing this has shown is the hatred so many have for others and it is a lot larger then even I expected. We are seeing how many criminals walk among us we never realized were criminals until there was no cops to protect. You can see that sweet young girl turn into a raging maniac.

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