Ben & Jerry’s Joins The Bud Light Backlash

People are just fed up with it being in their faces everywhere they turn, including in front of their children. Ben & Jerry’s joins Bud Light in insulting America by insisting we give land back to the Native Americans, including the land the ice cream maker sits on. Now the words “Bud Light” are synonymous with going woke and going broke. Americans can do without virtue-signaling.

Bud Light made this famous

And they haven’t been able to break out of it yet. When Anheuser Busch decided to do business with a transvestite the reaction was quick and brutal. People googled what products the company produced and avoided them too so Miller, Coors and Heineken have had soaring sales.

Among the nicknames the beer company has earned was Transheuser Bush. Sales continue to fall and the brand now has a negative connotation. Everybody knows the joke if you hold up say a lady’s bag and ask for a Bud Light to go.

Bud Light is code for other things

It also refers to a company being so heavily focused on being woke or politically correct and making a minority happy that it forgets who buys their product and the financial bottom falls out. That can happen in a variety of ways, one of which Ben and Jerry nailed. Don’t sit on land stolen from the Abenaki’s while saying we should return Mount Rushmore to the Sioux. You go first.

A verified Twitter user put it right, “Go Woke Go Broke! Make Ben and Jerry’s Bud Light!! Boycott them!!” More companies can be added to the list. Marketing executives, watch where that advertising dollar goes.

Not understanding

Bud Light and other companies don’t seem to understand that when you go down this road your bottom line will fall apart. Good people maybe laid off. It’s just not a good direction to go in. But Ben & Jerry’s loyal customers won’t see the problem with it.

Corporate America needs to keep an eye on the real-time changing culture. It used to be only leftists, progressives and liberals boycotted things. Conservatives have been too busy working, raising families and paying taxes to boycott. We don’t have the hive mind. We’re not Borg. We think for ourselves. By and large, we believe everyone, including corporations, should be allowed to say what they think without being lynched in the court of public opinion. When that’s taken for granted, it’s over, especially when absolutely everything is politicized and sexualized. The backlash is real and can get real expensive when people don’t normally boycott start doing just that.

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