Americans Infuriated as More Images and Videos Surface

We can certainly have another Saigon. One of the videos is surreal. It shows people grabbing onto the wheel wells of an airplane. Anything to get out of the area. Is it possible for the Afghani people to just start walking toward a border or will they be shot? Another mentioning other countries evacuating their government officials. One gentleman mentioned the Taliban would be taking control of the country.

Among the videos

Is Biden saying, among other things, “Oops.” But this all may be part of the plan. Bankrupt America and cause chaos around the world. All the better to bury money laundering going on around a war.

Curiously, the word “taliban” means “students” or seekers in the Pashto language of Pakistan. This is after the Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan. So they’re always learning but what they’re learning may not be peaceful. They’re hardline Islam and Sharia Law.

There will be more videos

Provided social media is allowed to broadcast them. A picture on Twitter wondered how long before the fighter jets were put in the air. Among the comments were, “They wouldn’t be able to operate them”. Another one was “Big deal. One call from the President and the airport would be blown up.” But would the President make a call? He may want the Taliban bombing populations.

Biden was warned by US forces the collapse was happening and he gave the order anyway. He said the opposite in public. He’s only doing what his handlers tell him to do.

Will any of the videos

Result in the Biden administration being removed? Maybe if this fight is brought to our shores. Obiden is trying to own that which the polled Democrats want him to own.

Biden is blaming both Trump and the Afghan officials. Trump is a New York businessman. He’s far more likely to set his foot down and put teeth behind it. Will any of the videos show an Afghan official and what made them bolt? Were their families raped and slaughtered or threatened with same?

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