Brian Williams Goes to Bat for Biden, Then an Army Veteran Steps in

Brian Williams of MSNBC was quickly countered by an army veteran after the host began to praise the speech delivered by Joe Biden regarding the still chaotic situation in Kabul, Afghanistan. Matt Zeller, a Democrat, said that he was appalled by the speech and that the Biden Administration had repeatedly ignored warnings and advice provided by Zeller and others which might have inspired more preparation for an orderly withdrawal.

Brian Williams contradicted by guest

Biden briefly returned to Washington D.C. from Camp David to make a statement following a period of general silence from the White House.

The president hovered somewhere between taking responsibility for the situation and pushing that responsibility onto others.

For the still popular decision to withdrawal from Afghanistan Biden was still proud to claim credit. The details of the rapid collapse in that country were glossed over and blamed on the Afghans.

Brian Williams appeared to be content with the speech, saying “he owned it.” Zeller incredulously responded with “I hope he gets to own their deaths too.”

“I feel like I watched a different speech than the rest of you guys” he continued. The former CIA analyst accused the Biden Administration of intentionally lying about Afghanistan.

While many people are unsurprisingly happy to claim now that they foresaw the collapse of Afghanistan, the Biden Administration appears to have been genuinely surprised by the speed with which the Taliban retook the country.

Disaster in Kabul

Zeller explained to Williams that he and his associates have been lobbying for the removal of Afghans who aided the American effort from the country for years now.

The presence of mobs of people attempting to escape from Afghanistan through the airport has raised questions about why an evacuation effort was not more thoroughly planned in advance.

Hamid Karzai International Airport, the last location held by the United States in Afghanistan, has been mobbed by desperate people, some of whom fell to their deaths after clinging to the exterior of a departing jet.

American troops have struggled to secure the airport and keep the crowds under control; gunfire has been exchanged with unknown individuals.

If the Taliban had any desire to interfere with the evacuation then there would clearly be a massacre at the airport. Fortunately, the militants appear to be happy to see American forces leave as quickly as possible.

While Brian Williams and MSNBC may feel that the prepared statement given by Biden was a strong acceptance of responsibility, it would be more accurate to say that Biden strongly claimed responsibility only for the popular aspects of his decision.

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