Democrats Win Seat With Socialist Gay Male Version of AOC

That’s all well and good that a minority is able to win office in a state or even the Presidency. Barack Obama did it. In America you can climb as high as your dreams can fly. The problem comes in when you insist that others need to believe the same way you do. Democrats seem to do that. This goes for anybody. We are all allowed our beliefs, regardless that others might think it’s wrong.

Fits right in with Democrats

His concern is for the rights of those with unusual sexual orientation and minorities. Jabari Brisport of Brooklyn is a historic first black LGBTQ legislator in NY. He said, “Representation matters because I can see how all of these things are interconnected, and not disparate problems.”

Brisport continued, “Representation really matters. People hear gay rights and they immediately think of same-sex marriage…But queer rights are a multiethnic, multiracial battle.”

Following the Democrat agenda

He’s a middle school math teacher who’s looking for aggressive reform in housing, education and healthcare. He’s not in favor of New York protection so if you need that, it may be time to move. He wants to defund police and take their protection out of schools.

His heritage as a third generation Caribbean might be that of confusion. The politics of that country are diverse enough so at least one article struggles to nail one thing down. It can be seen as worldly and accepting of all others. It can also be seen as a country without an identity. Democrats seem to identify with that.

Democrats will praise him

Til he starts sounding unlike them. Mayor Annise Parker is President and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund. She put out a statement, “At a time when movements to end racism, police brutality and disparities in healthcare are awakening the nation, Jabari’s groundbreaking victory ensures there is a legislator in Albany who can turn protests into policy.”

Mayor Parker continued, “His experiences as a Black LGBTQ man will provide an essential perspective that has never been represented in the New York state legislature and will pave the way for a government that is more representative of the people it serves. Jabari shattered a rainbow ceiling in New York and his victory will encourage more people like him to step up and run.”

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