Bernie Feels Buttigieg Breathe Down His Neck

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are clearly the new front runners. Even though they’re virtually tied, Bernie finally decided to take a stand on something by firmly declaring in no uncertain terms that he’s definitely ahead. The rest of the pack is limping along behind.

Bernie in the lead

The Democrat primary race got off to such a chaotic start that nobody could even tell who won. The Iowa Democrat Chairman resigned in disgrace. Once they finally got all the paper ballots counted, everyone was waiting for the New Hampshire results. Eventually, Bernie was declared the official winner in Iowa. Pete Buttigieg was so thrilled that he virtually tied for first, that he was content to let Bernie gloat over the narrow victory, for now.

After the results from New Hampshire were tallied, CNN says “the shape of the 2020 Democratic field is both a) clearer and b) different.” They acknowledge that Sanders and Buttigieg are running neck and neck but they give Sanders the lead position based on his experience with the 2016 election.

With people like Rush Limbaugh saying that America is never going to elect a “37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage,” Mayor Pete is sharpening his arguments. Democrats give him bonus points for his night-time proclivities, but even Republicans are willing to have an open mind on the issue. Most conservatives polled are more concerned with his youth and inexperience than they are about his sexual preference. He’s going to have a tough time selling America on the idea he’s ready for the world stage when he hasn’t even held a statewide office.


Biden hides as Pocahontas walks a trail of tears

Quid Pro Joe Biden’s campaign staff were disappointed Tuesday night. Not only didn’t they get to have the victory celebration they planned, Biden sneaked away without putting in an appearance at the wake. He hightailed it out of the state as soon as it was clear he was about to come in dead last. New Hampshire was worse for Biden than Iowa, where he came in fourth. Things look pretty grim. According to election expert David Hopkins, “no candidate has ever gone on to win the Democratic nomination who finished lower than third place in Iowa and New Hampshire.” Biden still thinks he can make history with a comeback but Hopkins isn’t so sure. “It’s hard to tell in this trajectory whether you are going to bounce back or just keep going downhill.”


For Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the Spectator says it’s time for her to hit the “Trail of Tears.” The voters have clearly shown that they don’t like “her faux personality, her failure at identity politics, her badgering, eat-your-spinach style, and her crucial mistake of telling voters how much her healthcare program will actually cost.” They note the biggest problem she has is that since New Hampshire is so close to Massachusetts, “They know Warren, and they do not like her.”

Bloomberg runs fourth

The billionaire associate of Jeffrey Epstein didn’t do a single minute of on the ground campaigning but still managed to buy 4th place in New Hampshire by putting TV ads in every household. Joe Biden can’t wait to debate him on that issue if he manages to stay in the race that long. Bernie Sanders took offense to Michael Bloomberg’s tactics as well. A Sanders adviser called the former New York mayor “unvetted,” for not facing the public. She was also “extremely disturbed” and “very concerned” over stop-and-frisk comments Bloomberg made in 2015. He called throwing minority kids “up against the walls” a “way to reduce violence.”

  1. I would be very worried if certain candidates were breathing down my neck. That is much too close for comfort. They might stab me in the back or in some cases, even worse.

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