Shocking Update on Leaked Emails

When Joe Biden was passing out a fresh wave of sanctions against Russian business leaders on Friday, he left the name Yelena Baturina off the list, again. She’s special because she allegedly has solid blackmail on the Biden family which Jim Jordan and James Comer would love to get their hands on.

No sanctions for Buturina

New York Post is miffed that Joe Biden “kept his son Hunter’s alleged business associate Yelena Baturina off the list of new sanctions he announced Friday against prominent Russians to mark the first anniversary of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.” If Joe let the personal relationship interfere with the decision to sanction her, that’s proof our national security is compromised.

It’s a glaringly obvious omission. The Palace issued a press release bragging that they adopted “more than 2,500 sanctions so far to cripple Russia’s economy and halt the war.

It has been amazing to everyone, even Democrats, that “Baturina again skated by as about 200 more people and entities were sanctioned.

She won’t get hit with sanctions because she has dirt on the Bidens, some suggest. The palace spin doctors don’t want to talk about her. Spokesunits “would not supply an on-record comment about Baturina’s remarkable good fortune.

Ms. Baturina happens to be “the billionaire widow of Moscow’s longtime former Mayor Yury Luzhkov.” She seems to have a special fondness for Hunter Biden. She “allegedly paid $3.5 million to a firm associated with” Hunter Biden “in February 2014 while his father was vice president.” Right around Valentine’s day.

Emails which the FBI won’t investigate in his laptop “indicate that the then-second son met with his business partner Devon Archer and Baturina less than two months later at Lake Como in Italy.” How could Joe possibly slap sanctions on her? She might spill the beans on what happened at that cozy little meeting and what the $3.5 million was supposed to pay for.

First revealed by the Senate

Nobody knew about that funky $3.5 million transfer until “first revealed in a September 2020 report by Republican-led Senate committees, which cited suspicious activity reports filed by banks with the US government.

Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson are still trying to get their hands on those SAR reports. They really want to know why Baturina keeps escaping sanctions. The name James Biden is tied to her, too.

News reports ended up linking the Russian’s money to “U.S. real estate purchases, including in Brooklyn.” The Post points out, “like many other business dealings of Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden, the Biden family’s financial relationship with Baturina remains murky.” It gets even murkier when she’s apparently Teflon coated when it comes to sanctions.

Making things even murkier, “Biden allies point to an April 2022 fact check from the Washington Post that cites an anonymous source saying that Archer’s associates believed he had dissolved the corporate entity to which Baturina sent money, but that Archer, who has since been jailed for defrauding an American Indian tribe, secretly kept the entity in existence for his own use.” Jordan and Comer may want to look into that.

While Biden allies can say that all day long, they don’t have proof. There is, however, lots of evidence on the laptop nobody wants to investigate. Evidence that indicates Hunter “engaged with the Russian billionaire as she pumped funds from risky Russia into the relatively secure US.

It sounds like she wanted to avoid future sanctions. Emails show “Hunter continued the association long after the transfer and even invited Baturina and her husband to an April 2015 dinner at a Georgetown restaurant, where then-Vice President Biden mingled with his son’s associates from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, according to photos and emails.

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