Report: Sharp Increase of Students in Democrat Ran State are Failing

There’s no need for this. Kayleigh McEnany just reminded us that clear back in July the science told us it was okay to open schools in the fall. The administration was following the science the Democrat run states like to scream about. So why weren’t they opened? Could it be media stoked fear? Could it be Democrats seizing on something else to credit to the hated Trump?

Democrat dumbing down

Has been taken to a new level. The kids need support that isn’t there anymore. For some kids, school is a safe place.

San Diego county saw a huge drop in failing rates due to distance learning. The San Diego Union Tribune reported 28 percent of low grades were given out to high school students while middle school students were higher, 32 percent. Last year it was 20 and 19 percent respectively.

The Democrats can sit in their cushy jobs

Making thousands while the education level of the people you govern falls through the floor. The Union Tribune article came to the obvious conclusion that “the trend is in line with school officials’ and national experts’ predictions that school closures, along with obstacles to online education, will cause massive learning loss this year.”

Not everybody is suited to distance learning, at least not how it’s currently being defined. Before school was mandated, kids were educated at home. The education they received that way was far superior to what’s available now. Unfortunately two earner households or single parents may not be in a position to homeschool. How many costs are driving adults to work that can be eliminated so kids can be successfully schooled at home? Democrats won’t answer that question.

Seven California families are now suing the Democrat state

It was only a matter of time, however you’re not likely to get the state to back down. The lawsuit states, “Because of the State’s inadequate response, parents and grandparents have had to become tutors, counselors, childminders, and computer technicians, and they have had to find a way to pay for what are now basic school supplies — laptop/tablets, paper, printing, and internet access. The state has offered families no training, support, or opportunity to provide input into plans for remote learning, the eventual return to in-person instruction, or the delivery of compensatory education.”

The non profit firm Public Counsel as well as Morrison and Foerster are working with this. The California Department of Education isn’t talking but Newsom spokesperson Jesse Melgar said, “Throughout the pandemic this administration has taken important actions to protect student learning while also taking necessary steps to protect public health. We will defend our position in court.”

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