Law Enforcement is NOT Playing Around…Dozens Arrested

The tide started turning in Minneapolis, Minnesota Wednesday night after officials made it crystal clear that law enforcement isn’t going to be playing around any longer and actually arrested dozens of looters. The myth of “peaceful demonstrations” has been shattered by all the senseless anarchy triggered by the drop of a hat. It proves that this isn’t a protest movement, its an army that marches to the command of Deep State commanders through a network of professional agitators and social media manipulation of the masses.

Actual enforcement of the laws

The sane residents of Minnesota were terrified when yet another round of riots broke out Wednesday night. As it began, the heavily outnumbered police were forced to stand back and watch, as usual. The timing couldn’t have been planned any better. While Vice President Mike Pence started delivering his speech about the need to restore law and order, which is something that the American public can only trust President Donald Trump to do, the networks were forced to split the screen to live shots of businesses, as they were violently looted live in real time with real Black Lives Matter arsonists setting real fires. Democrat City and State officials were forced, by the stark truth going out to millions of Americans, to provide some real enforcement of the law.

Even after they gave law enforcement officers the green light to start making arrests, not much happened. Reinforced by Minneapolis State Patrol, troopers and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officers, they made their presence known and spent a few hours doing reconnaissance by tearing through the streets in Humvees and unmarked vans. They had to wait for the National Guard to get established before they could accomplish much. Several blocks were virtually destroyed by morning but they managed to arrest 33 people, “while working to restore order and clear businesses of looters.” It’s a start. Insurance company executives are shaking their heads in disgust and planning to sue the city to recover the damages inflicted by the out of control mob.

The Minnesota State Patrol didn’t have a lot to say in their preliminary report of the night’s law enforcement activities and a more detailed one is expected sometime Thursday. Late last night, Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo took to the airwaves trying to restore calm to the community by explaining the incident which started the riot wasn’t even a police shooting. It was a suicide. The cause really doesn’t matter because its obvious that the mob is on a hair trigger, hyped up by Black Lives Matter madness.

Calm on Thursday morning

The scene in downtown Minneapolis was described as “calm” Thursday morning as residents started to clean up the damage from another riot. What they learned last night is that allowing law enforcement officers to do their jobs and getting the laws enforced are two entirely different things. They had the power to stop the madness but not the resources and were forced to let dozens of businesses be destroyed as random gunfire was sporadically reported. All triggered by misinformation.

While law enforcement “imposed a curfew,” the rioters ignored it and continued to break windows and steal merchandise all through the evening. The looting was conveniently focused on the Nicollet Mall, described as “a pedestrian plaza that runs the length of downtown.” The Target store had a popular 100 percent off sale. When looters got thirsty from stealing all the merchandise they could carry, they set a popular British pub on fire.”

Governor Tim Walz put down his fiddle long enough to face the camera and admit, “We once again see the unrest on our streets. And not just Minnesota but as a nation, this pain continues on.” As he spoke, graphics depicted “people grabbing merchandise at a Saks OFF 5TH store, and broken windows and shrimp scattered on the sidewalk outside Ruth’s Chris Steak House.”

One law enforcement officer wounded

One law enforcement officer was wounded in the riots, “hospitalized with a non-life threatening injury.” Minneapolis Fire Department said it responded to four fires late Wednesday and early Thursday, including one at Brits Pub on the Nicollet Mall, plus three businesses in south Minneapolis, a Tires Plus, a Walgreens and a China Wok restaurant.

Black residents have been on a razors edge ever since the death of George Floyd in May at the hands of law enforcement officers. One thing that everyone can agree on is that the incident should never have happened. It also looks suspiciously pre-arranged to spark exactly the chaos and confusion we have been seeing for the past two months. What originally had legitimate protest and demonstration credibility has been replaced by something much more sinister.

Outside agitators have Blacks and their supporters ready to jump out on the street, armed with improvised weapons and armor to cause maximum destruction and mayhem at the tap of a tweet. Last night they jumped the gun. With Mike Pence standing in front of millions and declaring the need to enforce our laws, chaos breaks out right on cue. A similar incident ALMOST happened in Phoenix, Arizona too. The difference there was that once law enforcement was warned of the impending riot, they firmly declared their intention to enforce law and order. Instead of causing millions of dollars worth of damage to the neighborhood John McCain’s family lives in, Black Lives Matter backed down and went home.

  1. This should have been done right from the start when looting and destroying businesses occurred. So much damage done and now Taxpayers are stuck to pay for all the destruction these George Soros terrorist have done. Time to get George Soros out of the USA now. I understand Russia wants him so send him to Russia along with his whole family. But his assets belong to us to help pay for all the damage he has done.

  2. It takes people dying to get action from the liberal mayors and governors and it seems it has to be the terrorist before them get off their butts and move to stop the terrorist.

    1. the liberal governors and mayors are performing to the wishes of their controllers.

      IF soros and the people that FUNNEL MONEY THROUGH HIM, want the laws enforced, they will be enforced.

      Currently they do not want laws enforced.

  3. Perhaps voters in that state needs to wake up and vote these liberal democrat mayors and governors (as well as those liberal loon Congress persons). Vote them ALL out, and replace with fresh Conservative Republicans who LOVE this nation. Democrats only want chaos and destruction. More older democrats realize their party has been hi-jacked by radical leftists with a Communist/Marxist/Socialist mentality. Trump WILL win in November. Please…make sure if you vote…do it in person. DO NOT rely on the mail. Polling stations will be operating. If you can go to the grocery store, or a Home Depot, then you can certainly go to a polling place. We are in for the fight between Freedom and Socialism/Communism.

  4. This is obviously a coordinated attack used by liberal cities and states to make things so bad for their residents and business owners that they create a scenario where the national government has to step in. Unfortunately, these tactics are being used to make the federal government seem to be authoritarian. I say let them burn. If their residents can not expect protection from looters and rioters from their mayors and police than they need to vote in different local leadership.

    1. President Trump is CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED to await an invitation to come in and help quell the violence.

      And, now they are discovering what it means when people tell them to RESEARCH THE PEOPLE YOU VOTE FOR.

      NOW, they are getting the government they elected.

  5. The police should ask the vet’s and armed citizen’s to stand with them too take Back their neighborhood’s . Iam more then sure the people living there had enough of this BS . We served once and would again if asked and needed … which we are !!!

  6. ” Insurance company executives are shaking their heads in disgust and planning to sue the city to recover the damages inflicted by the out of control mob.”

    Better plan:



    Sue the City, and you SUE THE TAXPAYERS.

    SUE The bureaucrats and politicians, but all their ‘trust funds, and all other types of ‘financial protections’.


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