BLM Thugs Bitch That No One Came to Save Them After Patriots Show Up and Beat the Ever Living Daylights Out of Them

Anarchists in Portland are actually whining after right wing patriots showed up to beat the ever-loving crap out of their BLM butts, while the police “stood by and did nothing.” Anarchy means lack of law enforcement so it’s only karma that as Illicit Info points out, “a stand down order works both ways, though we are only postulating that one was issued.”

Antifa wonders why cops won’t help BLM rioters

Antifa-type anarchists associated with BLM are complaining that police “didn’t jump into the fray” when right-wingers beat the crap out of them. Black Lives Matter only to the anarchists, police could care less. The funny part is those who want to defund and disband the police “are actually questioning, with a straight face, why the police won’t get involved and help them.”

There in Portland, the riots have been going on for more than 85 days in a row. BLM doesn’t seem to be getting tired of looting and arson. They have taken their victories as an endorsement and they’ve grown a lot more aggressive. It’s reached the point where rioters are armed with pepper spray of their own. They permanently blinded four police officers with powerful green lasers.

One of the generic boogie boys who was on hand to scuffle with Antifa warned the rioters “once the police are gone, the rioters will have to deal with them.” As Kitty Shackleford tweeted, “Fights already breaking out between Patriots and BLM terrorists today in Portland, this is going to be nuts.”

After three months, the right wing has had enough

Patriotic Americans in Oregon held their patience for 84 days and then they snapped. As one observer notes, “There is only so much crap people will take before they take action. Apparently It has reached that point in Portland.” It’s about at that point in Kenosha, Wisconsin too. BLM anarchists knocked a cop unconscious with a brick and they tried to burn down the County Police building before they torched a car dealership. Of course they made sure to loot the cell phone store on the way.

In Portland, “The day was filled with violence, as both sides fired off pepper spray, projectiles and took swings at the other. For once, the patriots actually outnumbered the violent left,” Gateway Pundit reported. BLM keeps getting bolder every day. While some patriots decided to become vigilantes and do what city officials are unwilling to do, formally, actions like that aren’t sanctioned by conservative Second Amendment supporting patriots. That hasn’t stopped conservatives from coast-to-coast getting a chuckle from the fact that “the patriots also destroyed the snack van that has been a staple at the Portland riots for the last few months.”

Official right wing militia groups are standing on the sidelines but watching carefully, doing nothing for a very good reason. A lot of conservative patriots are wondering “isn’t it beyond time for militias to put these riots down?” After all, Kenosha is a city of only 100,000 or so. All this BLM anarchy and mayhem has spread from the big blue cities like Portland into the smaller redder ones like Kenosha, Wisconsin. The answer to a right wing uprising in the works is a flat and final “NO.”

Militia’s are defensive forces only. According to a poster on a militia bulletin board, jgardner37, “Nope. Militia rocks and rolls as a last resort. If the police and DAs do their jobs, no rioting. If they need help, the military can step in. We only rock and roll when the military is exhausted.” It’s time for the Army to come in and kick some BLM butt instead of freelance vigilantes.

  1. That’s great lol … the p*ssys needed the cops and they didn’t come to their aid . No reason for them to protect the dumb ass’s . That would make them look weak if the cops had to save them lol . its best to take a ass beating then to look weak .

  2. Florida, 67 County Sheriffs that are 2A and Fl. Constitution supporters. Some have stated that if BLM Marxists arrive here to riot, many of the 2.8 million Concealed Weapons Permit holders will be deputized. You will note that not only Florida can do that, but, most of the other Southern States could, too! Some of us, war Veterans, will stay our hands, as long as possible, but, each one of us can take out twenty enemy who attempt to riot here. Most Veterans are armed with the correct weapons and skills.


  4. The “patriots” just gave the country the blueprint for the destruction of these communist bullies, thugs, thieves and killers. We already outnumber the crud balls and all we have to do is show up where they are and make their lives as miserable as they have been making ours. The communists create havoc to get the funds taken away from the police departments-when the funds are removed and cops start leaving the force, it creates an ideal situation favoring these criminals operations-but, then it also creates a zone where patriots can become vigilantes and wipe up the floor with the criminals. If communists start it, patriots must finish it.

  5. They defunded police so tell them wait for the beep and someone will get to them in 6 months or so, Thank you for calling the police hot line.

  6. Disagree completely about militia. Once government officials abandoned law, and then in dereliction of duty (for which they are paid) “law enforcement” stood down, at that law abiding militia should have interviened on violence, and also citizen arrest of gov officials who in reality TURNED on the people.

    The blood of everyone who dies in this mess is on the hands of those who would not first uphold the law. Governors and mayors who pushed for the escalation are guilty of treason.

    They are servants of the people, and the people need to pull their heads out of their arses in this point (who is serving who).

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