BLM Terrorists Chicken Out After Local Citizens Stand Their Ground

Professional BLM organizers had a sneaky surprise planned for Wednesday night but they chickened out when social media got wind of their scheme to loot the wealthiest neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. They decided that since they were outnumbered by police in Phoenix, it would be better to loot Minneapolis instead.

BLM wanted to loot the Phoenix Biltmore area

Black Lives Matter anarchists were going to march past a row of tempting car dealerships straight to the upscale Biltmore Fashion Park Mall. They were expecting a 100 percent off sale at Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora. Someone on social media noticed their destination and made a big deal about it. Shortly after, the Phoenix Police “reminded” the “peaceful” protesters what the First Amendment rules say they can and cannot do. They also firmly warned that one BLM toe over the line would be grounds for immediate arrest. Suddenly, Minneapolis seemed like a much better target for the evening’s ultraviolence.

Jarrett Maupin, an organizer with All Black Lives Matter Arizona had it all planned out for looters to “march east along Camelback Road from Central Avenue to 24th Street starting at 7 p.m.” They way they described it was low key. Someone happened to realize just what else was at that corner and alerted Facebook. BLM blamed it on someone who took pictures of their office the other day. That way they don’t have to admit it’s because the police warned them that they would all be hauled off to jail if they tried to pull the stunts that Kenosha, Wisconsin, cops allow to happen. Phoenix is a conservative place where the citizens like law and order.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to cancel, but I just — I can put a lot of things on my shoulders, but I don’t want to be responsible for anyone being shot or assaulted,” Maupin explained to The Arizona Republic. Viri Hernandez, who happens to be executive director of BLM sister group Poder in Action, said “the group received several threats over the past few days.”

A strange man taking photos

The police threatening to arrest them – if they did any damage or stole anything – had nothing to do with canceling the riot, Hernandez insists. “A man visited the organization’s office on Wednesday.” The office wasn’t open “but a volunteer waiting nearby saw him taking photos of the door.” If that wasn’t spooky enough, “soon after, a Facebook account appearing to belong to a man posted photos of the door and wrote that he confronted a ‘BLM communist’ who threatened to shoot him but “i smiled little does he know im already dead.'” Apparently that man is afraid of them for threatened violence, not the other way around. They never bothered to report any threats. The police did take a look at the screenshots just provided and did some digging. “Detectives have investigated the posts and have not been able to identify any specific individuals or any credible threats in connection with these posts. The department will continue to monitor and assess any threats that come to our attention.””

Another BLM activist, Zarra Teacola called off a separate march downtown because they also were outnumbered by police. The group, she said, “did not have enough people there to march safely.” Maupin related how the “leaders of All Black Lives Matter Arizona and other organizers met at at the shopping district where the march was to begin.” Right about the time Phoenix police stated the rules of engagement, they voted to call off the riot.

“There were more police than people in the area of Central Avenue and Camelback Road shortly after the announcements, and numerous police vehicles could be seen leaving.” BLM anarchists were frustrated but glad they weren’t risking jail. The nervous car dealerships had already started clearing the cars away from their lots on the street. They weren’t about to let what happened in Kenosha happen to them.

  1. IF you think you’re OUTNUMBERED TODAY.. WAIT until you see the REST OF this country COME OUT very soon and show you what a REAL CIVIL ARMY looks like… you people are begging for a real BRUISING. We ask you to go home and WORK as hard as you crate violence and HATE. GO HOME and Ask GOD to forgive you for your HATE, your RACISM against good and decent people… and your total lack of respect…the ONLY way you will ever GET RESPECT is to GIVE it…. You are the RICHEST black people ON EARTH… and it was the DECENT hard working Americans that MADE that possible… kneel down and ask GOD to help you stop sinning and become a decent human being.

  2. Good for Phoenix showing the country how to do it. Time for pushing back. Thanks goes to alert & active citizens and the police. Watch out for a return though with more outsiders.

  3. “Rules of Engagement”?

    When the glass breaks from the OUTSIDE IN, the lead flying from the INSIDE OUT will have no obstruction to deflect its flight path.

    Thank you for removing all doubt as to your intentions.

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