Deep Questions Arise Following Latest Bizarre Situation Involving Joe Biden

President Biden is again raising questions about who is actually running the White House. At a press conference in Cornwall at the G7 summit Biden told reporters that he would “get in trouble with staff” if he did not answer as they wished him to. Since taking office Biden has appeared to be on a continually short leash and has evidently been prohibited from speaking freely without first consulting with White House staff and advisors.

Biden admits he may “get in trouble” for questions

Staff at the Biden White House, according to the President himself, seem to be more the handlers of the President than his advisors and aides.

The comment from Biden about getting in trouble with his staff might sound like a joke were it not so obvious that he really is liable to get into serious trouble with his people if he abandons the script.

The President of the United States is evidently unable to speak freely to the press even on the few occasions on which the press is given access to him.

The Biden Administration know that the President is likely to stumble into one of his frequent gaffes or botched statements if he is allowed to speak off the cuff; the President has spent years creating headaches for his people by putting his foot in his mouth when speaking publicly.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has stated that she and others tell Biden to not answer questions when speaking to the press without strict supervision.

The President has repeatedly referenced these instructions at the rare occasions on which he does answer questions. In May he said  “This is the last question I’ll take, I’m really going to be in trouble” when speaking to the press corps.

Who is leading the country?

The extent to which Biden is leashed by his staff should be concerning to those who have any reasonable doubts about the competence of the President.

The supposed leader of the free world is apparently being scolded like a child by his staff for speaking to a friendly press under all but the most strictly controlled of situations.

Biden is clearly being ruled by his own subordinates to an extent which may be unprecedented for any American President.

Certainly the White House staff has good reason for the control they exercise over what Biden is allowed to say when speaking in public.

Still, if the President is being babysat in public by his staff then to what extent is he actually making any decisions at all in the White House and fulfilling his intended role as head of state and Commander-In-Chief?

The Biden Administration may be keeping the President on a tight leash in everything else, but they appear to have no qualms about publicly showing that he is little more than a figurehead.

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