Joe Biden Speech Thanksgiving

Another Day and Another Malarkey Filled Joe Biden Speech Where He Makes All Kinds of Promises He Won’t Be Keeping

Joe Biden gave a bizarre Thanksgiving address where he laid out his agenda for the next four years. The 78-year-old self-proclaimed “president elect” stammered and stumbled over his words in front of a tiny virtual audience. There’s no way in hell this guy got 80 million votes.

Sleepy Joe Biden looks tired

Joe Biden gave a Thanksgiving address that had around 1,000 live viewers. The mainstream media wants us to believe that this is the guy who received the most votes in American history? We’re not buying it.

You mean to tell me the guy who can’t pronounce “psalms” got more votes than Barack Obama? Hey, nobody’s perfect.

We shouldn’t roast a guy just because he fumbles a few words. But Joe Biden is clearly suffering from mental decline and he’s not someone we want leading our country. It’s just cruel to put him out there like this.

You would think his wife would convince him to stay home and spend his golden years sniffing their grandkids and collecting his dirty money from the Ukraine. But no. He wants to sit in the Oval Office. On Thanksgiving Joe Biden said, “We’re gonna finally root out systemic racism.

We can pushclaim. The palmist. With the palmist who wrote. These following words: ‘The Lord is my strength and my shield. And with my song I give thanks to him.’ Our song shall be of lives saved.”

Wow. Joe Biden is going to single handedly save the planet from climate change, cure cancer and end racism once and for all! That sounds wonderful.

He was in office for 47 years and he didn’t make any progress on those issues, but now it’s his time to save the world. It’s clear the Biden-Harris team is ready for inauguration. But Trump is not conceding just yet.

There is massive evidence of voter fraud mounting and the Trump legal team is preparing their case for court. The American people are counting on Rudy Giuliani and his colleagues to prove their case and send Joe Biden back to his basement forever.

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