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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also know as AOC, is one of the most hated people in politics. The Socialist Democrat is now coming under fire from members of her own party for being too far Left. But she’s not backing down.

AOC and the rise of the radical Left

AOC and her fellow “Squad” members are outspoken Socialists with big plans for the future of America. Taxpayer funded “free” public college. Canceling student debt. Socialized medicine. Free housing. A universal basic income. A Green New Deal that would put an end to greenhouse gas emissions.

They also want to defund and dismantle police departments, repeal the Second Amendment and open the borders for millions of third world refugees. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, they need money to fund their little Socialist utopia, so tax payers will have to pay more. AOC thinks that wealthy people should pay their fair share.

How much is fair? How about 70% of your hard earned income? Hey, those poor Guatemalans who snuck into our country illegally with their seven children need free health care and a place to live! Don’t be a greedy Capitalist pig. You’re not racist, are you? Pay your fair share!

As you can imagine, anyone on the Right gets nauseous when this Stalinist chipmunk opens her mouth. But now she’s making some new enemies that you wouldn’t expect.

Her fellow Democrats are warning her to tone down her radical Left-wing rhetoric because it’s losing them elections. The Democrats lost six house seats this election cycle and many are pointing fingers at who’s to blame.

Abigale Spanberger is a moderate Democrat from Virginia who just barely won her race against a Republican challenger. She believes the Democrats should have swept the House this election but The Squad and their radical agenda hurt them. “Never say defund the police,” Spanberger told her fellow Democrats in the House. “Nobody should be talking about Socialism.” Spanberger believes Democrats will get “torn apart” in the midterm elections if they continue supporting these far Left ideas.

AOC won her reelection in New York by a landslide. This says a lot about the citizens of District 14, which is the east end of the Bronx the north Queens.

Despite her big win in New York, AOC acknowledged that she is not very popular on the national stage. When asked about a possible role in the Biden-Harris administration, AOC laughed and said, “Oh God. In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party, but in America, we are.”

She’s sticking to her super Liberal values and thinks her party isn’t progressive enough. “I had a vision of going to Washington with an entire caucus of newly elected progressives who would shake things up and fight against the entitlement of the status quo.” It’s clear the squad wants to purge the old Democrats and push their party further Left.

The most hated Democrat in America

“I know I am also one of the most hated people in America,” AOC said in a recent interview. She also complained that she can’t go outside anymore because she’s such a superstar. “I can’t go outside anymore. I miss being able to go out to dinner. I miss anonymity. I have to send my boyfriend out to get groceries.

There has been a shift in chores.” AOC believes that Democrats can’t get anything done if they’re constantly worried about their reelection. “Everyone in the House is just constantly thinking about self-preservation, and we don’t get nice things because people are constantly thinking in electoral terms.

The way we change that is through political education. I had this conversation with Bernie.” AOC went on to endorse Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his run for president. This may have trashed any chances she had for a cabinet position in the Biden-Harris White House.

Regardless, The Squad isn’t going anywhere for now. All four members kept their seats in the House and another radical Lefty was added in St. Louis Missouri. The fight for the soul of America is far from over.

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