Breaking: Rocket Attack on Emerald City

Missiles started flying just moments after Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller announced that the United States will only reduce its troop levels in Iraq from 3,000 to 2,500. Iran backed mercenary groups like Hezbollah weren’t happy that a measly 500 troops were going home, so they launched a rocket attack on “Emerald City.” That’s the heavily fortified Baghdad “Green Zone” housing foreign embassies including the one belonging to the U.S.

Rocket attack on Baghdad Green Zone

On Tuesday, multiple rockets were fired at the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. According to reports, at least two of the missiles struck inside the heavily fortified Green Zone, near the U.S. embassy. Faux News is reporting that “Iraqi intelligence says at least 4 rockets fired at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad moments after U.S. acting defense secretary announces partial withdrawal of American forces from the country.”

According to acting secretary Miller, the troop withdrawals will take place before January 15, 2021. The Iraqi military relates that the rocket attack “struck inside a heavily fortified area in Baghdad housing foreign embassies including that of the United States.” The move is clearly a message to American forces that Iran and the Ayatollah aren’t happy with the troop drawback numbers.

Today’s rocket attack makes it look like the temporary negotiated cease fire with Iran-backed militias is over. In mid-October, Iran-backed militia groups announced “they would temporarily halt attacks targeting the American presence in Iraq, including the embassy, on the condition that the US-led coalition troops withdraw from the country.”

Another day in the Emerald City

Baghdad’s Green Zone, called the “Emerald City” by those who are stationed there, is the seat of Iraq’s government and home to diplomatic missions. The rockets which struck near the American Embassy were apparently launched from nearby, “a neighborhood in al-Alf Dar district in New Baghdad.” Before the temporary cease fire, rocket and mortar attacks were a near daily occurrence.

While official reports did not mention causalities, unconfirmed accounts say “at least two Iraqi security personnel were wounded” in the rocket attack. The extent of their injuries “was not immediately known.”

Local citizens are reporting about the rocket attack on social media, posting about “several big blasts, followed by rapid-fire sounds and red flares lighting up the sky, indicating that the US embassy’s C-RAM rocket defense system was deployed.” This is a breaking story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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