CNN Reporter Shocked By THIS News About Trump

CNN fans should remember the moment should Trump stun the world with victory in November. Chris Cillizza once boasted of how unbiased the news was. He recently took to social media to talk about Biden cutting into Trump’s lead, but there’s something he doesn’t understand. He was “stunned” with a Times poll result that showed 42% of respondents thought the Trump years were mostly good.

CNN has a couple nicknames

Most of which are derogatory. Only 25% of respondents thought the Biden years were “mostly good”. Only 33% of respondents thought the Trump years were “mostly bad”.

Cillizza wondered why. “It speaks to the power of nostalgia — and how we as humans tend to remember the good stuff and block out the bad.” He wrote on X. He spoke about the downsides of Trump’s last year, comparing it to his experiences with a college girlfriend.

CNN is on a different level

“How to understand it? I think of it in terms of dating. In college I dated a girl for 2 years. We broke up. For plenty of good reasons. But a few months later, I found myself reminiscing about all the good times we had together. I couldn’t even remember why we broke up in the first place.”

People will reminisce about good times because they were good times. The braying donkeys of the Democrat party might think differently trying to bring Trump down but the country was doing better in comparison to Biden’s mess.

CNN lives in a different world

We have corrosive inflation now. Trips to the grocery store now start people down the bankruptcy path. Unemployment among populations Democrats say they champion was down and there was peace in the Middle East, something that’s never been done before.

Our border didn’t leak horribly and then COVID showed up with other events led by political enemies, such as the “mostly peaceful protests” that burned cities. Cillizza’s post received over 300K views with responses pointing out the obvious that he couldn’t see.

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