Serena and Venus Williams Bitching that People Cheered When They Lost Matches

It could be because the two of you play the race card when people are beyond fed up that. We’re sick of the politics that’s even seeped into sports. People watch sports to watch somebody win a game, a competition. It’s an escape from the world for a little while. The two sisters Serena and Venus Williams are tennis legends that have joined the world of politics. Yes, you have your opinions. Show that at the ballot box, not on the tennis court.

Serena Williams interviewed with Glamour

People actually cheered when they lost a match, Serena said. “I remember when my sister was playing, I could tell when she would win points and when she would lose. The crowd would be really loud if she lost a point, and then there would be almost silence if she won the game or the point. The same applied to me. I had to make people realize that it’s okay to be Black and to play tennis. And it’s okay to be good at it and to be better.”

Ms. Williams, you probably don’t understand it has nothing to do with your skin color. We’ve had black athletes for years. Just one search pulls up the amazing Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive!

Williams credits her parents

Because not everybody has helpful adults surrounding them. But the race card was brought up. “My parents were so awesome and so pro-Black. They really taught us from a young age that we’re gonna face different things that other people aren’t gonna face. And we were okay with that because we knew that we were prepared for that. We were prepared for anything that came our way. And we continue to be prepared for that.”

Ms. Williams, minorities have recognized you can do anything in America. Period. Regardless of skin color. There are minorities in more places of power in the United States than probably anywhere else in the world.

Venus and Serena Williams are recognized

As some of the greatest athletes of all time. Serena has earned 12 Grand Slam titles and she’s an Olympic gold medalist. Venus has won seven Grand Slams. She’s eighth on the Open Era list, more than any other female player except her sister.

You can be an amazing athlete, go down in record books, without needing to pull politics into the picture. Politics ruins everything it touches.

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