Hillary Steps On Bernie To Back RINO Romney

Hillary Clinton oozed out of hiding just long enough to tape the episode of the LGBQT themed Ellen DeGeneres show which aired Thursday. She had nothing but praise for Mitt “Benedict Arnold” Romney, then stabbed Bernie Sanders in the back. Voters can’t trust him she says. Speaking of trust, Hillary recently told Howard Stern she’s not a lesbian and actually thinks everyone will believe her.

Hillary burns Bernie in favor of Romney

Mrs. Clinton considers herself an expert on impeachments. Her pseudo-husband got in a similar jam in 1999. Because she wasn’t taking care of his needs at home, Bill Clinton was dipping his cigar into the oval office interns and got busted for it.

Hillary couldn’t wait to put her two cents in on this one, thanking Mitt Romney for giving the world something to set Trump’s impeachment apart from Bill’s, since both of them were acquitted. Romney was the first traitor in history to double cross his political party in a Senate impeachment vote. Romney’s vote was “really important,” Hillary asserts, because “it was the first time in our history that there has ever been a bipartisan vote to convict.”

You can forget about Bernie Sanders, she told the degenerates in the audience, he’s toast. He promises the moon, but all he does is turn around and pull down his pants. “We need to rebuild trust in our fellow Americans and in our institutions, and if you promise the moon and you can’t deliver the moon, then that’s going to be one more indicator of how, you know, we just can’t trust each other.” Not only that, nobody likes Bernie. “He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” She’s still mad about 2016. She told Howard Stern last month, Sanders had “hurt me.” She doesn’t want him raping America. “I hope he doesn’t do it again to whoever gets the nomination. Once is enough.” She’s kind of touchy about men.

She swears she never had a lesbian affair

Speaking of trust issues, instead of coming out of the closet, which would be much more realistic, Hillary Clinton continues to deny even the slightest lesbian urges. Conservative Americans have a hard time swallowing it considering her past history. “Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men,” she asserts. To prove it she talks about one of her old boyfriends. He was “really handsome” and resembled a “Greek god.”

Stern wasn’t buying it. “Raise your right hand. You’ve never had a lesbian affair?” No stranger to perjury, Hillary laughed, “Never, never, never!” She then added “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.” That settles that. For someone who hasn’t even been tempted, she sure leaves a trail of clues that lead to the other side of the street.

Around 2015, Globe reported that she had “a slew of gay flings” but it was never proven. Bill Clinton’s playmate, Gennifer Flowers told the Daily Mail back in 2013 that “Bill is well aware of the fact that his wife was bisexual. In fact, he didn’t have any issue with it.” Sally Miller also told the same story. “I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community. She was exposed to all the liberals. This is what Bill told me.”

Hillary and Huma Abedine were virtually inseparable.

National Enquirer had a hot time with the story that year too. “[Her fixer] arranged a lesbian romp for bi-sexual Hillary with a prominent Hollywood identity! [He] squealed about a lusty rendezvous he arranged for Hillary that FINALLY proves the lesbian rumors that have dogged her for decades!”

Huma Abedine is another of Hillary’s alleged lovers. At one time, Hillary and the Iranian national were virtually inseparable. She’s been laying low but now that her husband Carlos Danger is out of prison after sexting a 15-year-old, he’s living in the same apartment building but in a different apartment. She recently surfaced at an event for a female oriented fashion designer.

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