House of Hypocrites: Biden and Dems Cant Even Follow Their Own Rules

Dems, you probably should have left your congratulations until after the cameras were off. You do your best work behind closed doors anyway. Americans are willing to follow rules that make sense and that their fellow elected officials also follow. It’s all about the science, right? Remember back in March 2020 when we closed down to “flatten the curve”? It’s been over a year. Any further mitigation now is all about control.

Dems briefly looked good

For the cameras. Due to COVID many seats just couldn’t be available. The timing was deliberate. At least one Republican, Rep. Rodney Davis of IL, mentioned they weren’t even supposed to be in town this week. “I’m not going to go. They announced it late and we already have plans for our week not being here, “ he said.

By their record, Dems don’t want to work with Republicans anyway. At least two bills went through in a process that’s designed to not even include them.

Democrat strategy

Is all about looking good in front of the camera. You deliberately limit Biden’s time in front of it because he doesn’t speak well.

You slipped up here. Or doesn’t that matter? Dems can do it, the law doesn’t apply to them and it hasn’t since at least November 2020.

Dems consider themselves rulers

Just based on how Biden was put into office, never mind events following that. But Americans don’t elect rulers, we elect representatives. You represent us and what Americans want. But men corrupt easily.

Some Americans still can’t send their kids to school for fear of catching COVID and bringing it home to grandma to kill her. We can’t eat indoors at a favorite restaurant. We still have restrictions. But Dems can do whatever they want. Democrat run states are still closed.

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