Breaking: AG Barr Makes His WELL Calculated Move

Breaking: AG Barr Makes His WELL Calculated Move

AG Barr has finally made a move. Republicans, especially those within the Trump campaign, are closely watching states that appear to be taking a long time finishing the ballot count, and the Attorney General has decided to assist in this endeavor.

Many conservatives have been concerned that the counting process is being obscured by the left, with a lot claiming that the fix is in. They were rightly angered when election officials denied entry to poll watchers, or even boarded up the windows while counting votes.

One example of these suspicious actions by the left was shared on Twitter by author and comedian Tim Young with the caption: “Oh look! A Democratic committeewoman in north Philly wearing a Biden mask not letting certified Republican poll watchers into a polling place… She ends with “that rule ain’t worth being followed” when someone says they should be allowed inside.”

So, AG Barr has decided to act to ensure all legal votes are counted properly. The Justice Department announced to prosecutors early Wednesday morning that armed federal agents are allowed in ballot counting centers to investigate claims of voter fraud.

The 1:30 a.m. email from Richard Donoghue, appointed by AG Barr as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, said that the law which bans armed federal authorities from being at the polls on Election Day does not prohibit them from being there during the ballot count after that day.

This suggests that AG Barr may be sending federal agents to cities across the country that have been raising the alarm bells of many on the right.

The left was quick to accuse the DOJ of trying to “interfere” with the vote count. But many conservatives are asking, if the left is sure that the vote count is accurate and that this election is secure, why are they protesting so hard against people watching the process? If the DOJ wishes to send agents to quell rumors of fraud, why is that a problem?

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