Democrat Leader Caught in MASSIVE Scandal

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is desperately attempting to evade a scandal which will almost certainly end his career. Other Democrats have joined Republicans in calling for Cuomo to resign after evidence of his extensive history of sexual harassment became almost impossible to deny, according to an official investigation by New York state Attorney General Letitia James which followed widespread allegations from former staffers and others.

Sexual harassment scandal takes down Cuomo

Many prominent Democrats have been publicly urging Cuomo to resign since the scandal first emerged. Now President Joe Biden has joined them.

Cuomo himself remains defiant and claims that he will not resign. That stance may not matter if the New York legislature concludes their planned impeachment proceedings against him and remove him from office anyway.

The governor has also evolved from denying all allegations outright to claiming that his behavior had been “misinterpreted,” seemingly paving the way for a future non-apology of the standard politician format.

Before the sexual harassment accusations emerged Cuomo was a very popular figure on the mainstream left, including at CNN, which prominently employs his brother.

Both siblings have had their brushes with scandal but for Andrew there appears to be little that can salvage the situation now that Democrats have almost unanimously turned against him.

While his wealth and connections might have made him a likely presidential candidate Cuomo has no possible future within his party now, even if he refuses to resign.

“Deeply disturbing” behavior

The investigation by James collected an enormous quantity of witness reports and documentation which she stated showed that Andrew Cuomo had clearly violated state and federal law.

His office is described as being rife with hostility and intimidation. According to James the findings painted a picture of the office which is “deeply disturbing.”

Cuomo is accused by nearly 200 witnesses as having often sexually harassed multiple women both verbally and physically.

There may be an even greater scandal in the fact that Cuomo carried on with this behavior for so long without facing any repercussions or receiving any negative press, in spite of how apparently widespread knowledge of his behavior was.

Lawyers for several of Cuomo’s victims stated that it is clear that he should never again be allowed to hold a position of authority over anyone else.

While Cuomo might disagree, his fellow Democrats overwhelmingly do not and there is no realistic possibility of him salvaging his career and outrunning this scandal.

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