Did CNN Just Encourage Violence and Destruction?

CNN is becoming more unhinged than ever as the network’s ratings continue to decay and their beloved President Biden becomes increasingly unpopular. Former Bernie Sanders campaigner Nina Turner, appearing repeatedly on CNN, has described Senators Manchin and Sinema as “extremists” and called for Democrats to “take it to the streets” after the pair shot down their party’s attempt to eliminate the filibuster and pass Biden’s voting bills.

CNN peddles misinformation

Nina Turner’s recent appearances on CNN have largely consisted of her ranting angrily about racism and such while the hosts and other contributors watched passively.

Before addressing her calls to action, it is worth doing a quick fact check on something Turner said, because CNN loves this kind of misinformation and did not attempt to address it.

Turner justified the rage being directed at Manchin and Sinema with a specific story which she grasped and threw at her interlocutors as a personal tie to the voting bills.

She claims to have a friend whose great-grandmother was murdered and decapitated by a group of white supremacists on January 11, 1966 for being a civil rights activist.

Surely something this shocking should be a well-known event if it had actually happened. Of course, it’s not well known because it evidently didn’t happen.

An extensive review conducted by the Department of Justice in 2007 concluded that the event she was presumably referring to was a car accident caused by a drunk driver, not a targeted assassination and beheading.


Dangerous rhetoric

There was violence in the civil rights era and people were murdered, but twisting stories like this and applying them to current political debates is dangerous and deceptive.

Someone has to correct misinformation of this sort, especially when it’s about a touchy subject. Using lurid anecdotes like this, accompanied by demands for people to “take it to the streets.”

The implication is that Senators Manchin and Sinema (and all of the Republicans, of course) are following in the footsteps of people who chop off the heads of voting rights activists.

Turner is frustrated with how the Constitution works, in that President Biden is not allowed to intervene directly and dismantle Senate rules that stand in the way of his legislation.

The result is that Turner appears on CNN repeatedly describing the offending senators as “extremists” who pose an active threat to democracy.

CNN evidently approves of all of this, given that Nina Turner has been repeatedly invited back to the network in recent days to emphasize her points, without any of her misinformation being addressed.

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