CNN Reporter’s 21hr Nightmare Draws Scrutiny

In honor of the January 6 anniversary, CNN arranged an interview with one of their reporters who was at the scene. The result is an insufferable article in which CNN again magnifies the January 6 drama far beyond any reasonable proportions and takes every opportunity to demonize white people. Daniella Diaz described her experience in an interview with Chris Cillizza and the pair, in typical CNN fashion, attempt to manipulate readers.

CNN describes traumatic sight of Capitol janitors at work

The title of the piece declares that the CNN reporter will tell the story of a “21-hour nightmare inside the US Capitol” in honor of the anniversary.

Of course, the actual event lasted a matter of minutes, not hours. Diaz routinely covers the Capitol and chose to stick around for 21 hours covering this story.

CNN never explicitly denies that this was the case, but it is somewhat manipulative to write a title which implies that the reporter was trapped or held hostage in the building.

When asked about her lasting memory, Diaz said that the thing which sticks out most is the sight of “brown and black” janitors cleaning up the mess left by white people.

It must have been a deeply traumatic experience for the CNN reporter to, after a supposed domestic terrorist attack, have a lasting memory that largely consists of the sight of janitors picking up trash.

Actual damage to the Capitol was minimal but in the aftermath, many politicians and journalists rushed to the scene to be pictured picking up garbage or to film others doing it.

A fiery but mostly peaceful insurrection

The fake news article, of course, falsely refers to January 6 as an attempted coup. This conspiracy theory, still espoused by Democrats in Congress, is not supported by any evidence.

Diaz tells CNN that she was shocked because protests around the Capitol never enter the building itself. Of course, leftist protesters have frequently entered the Capitol to disrupt Congressional business with no repercussions.

This is the network which infamously described the violent leftist riots of 2020 as “fiery but mostly peaceful” as major cities were looted and burned.

CNN did everything in its power to convince Americans that the BLM protests were not the destructive and violent riots which they clearly were.

Now the network has spent a year telling the world that January 6 was somewhere between Pearl Harbor and Antietam in the death and destruction it caused.

Diaz was never anywhere close to being in physical danger, and it is always worth noting that the only person who died violently in the event was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed protester.

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