Biden Expects Massive Invasion Any Day Now

An invasion is about to start as soon as Trump’s Title 42 public health order gets pushed out of the way. Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace are ramping up to welcome 195,000 new citizens in a “mass migration” across our southern border.

Invasion from the south

The palace is gearing up “for the potential of mass migration to the US-Mexico border.” Everyone’s waiting for a Trump-era pandemic emergency rule to be cleared out of the way, three informed sources leak. After that, the invasion can move full speed ahead. ICE relies on Title 42 for authority to “turn away migrants.

With the Covid emergency over, “discussions about terminating that order have picked up speed.” Conservatives make Democrats turn purple when they point out that lifting it means there isn’t any need for the state of general emergency either. That’s the one the People’s Convoy is demanding termination of because that puts our Constitution back in force.

Documents available only to insiders estimate there are some 25,000 migrants already in shelters in Mexico and another 170,000 people coming to the US southern border, expected to arrive “within hours or days.

Axios got a copy. In advance of the sanctioned invasion, Homeland Security has set up a “Southwest Border Coordination Center.

Along with passing out the “Welcome to America” starter packets and handling daycare needs, DHS Deputy Secretary John Tien “has also asked department personnel to volunteer at the US-Mexico border.” That went out by email to the rank and file agents. They want the invasion to proceed as orderly as possible.

Palace spokesunit Vedant Patel swears up and down that His Wisdom is diligently getting ready for “changes at the border,” calling it “good government in action.

Terminated over the weekend

Over the weekend, quietly, so as not to rile up We the People circling the beltway in a convoy, the “lock them up, lock them all up” leaders at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “terminated the order as it relates to unaccompanied migrant children.

For now, the “order remains in effect for families and adults.” Meanwhile the invasion continues to mass in Mexico.

Even though they aren’t officially welcome yet, migrants can’t help trying to come in early. In the month of February alone, Border Patrol “made more than 158,000 arrests on the US southern border.

The invasion is not quite as bad as it seems, palace spin doctors insist, those figures “include people who tried crossing more than once.” Arrests are expected to increase as the weather gets warmer. Deaths are expected to increase, too. When the heat gets even warmer than that.

Palace Minister of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas made a personal visit to Mexico, with a short jaunt to Costa Rica for good measure, “to discuss migration with government officials.

Instead of discussing a way to prevent the invasion, he’s there to coordinate things so the plan goes off without a hitch. Now that the New World Order has assumed control, we’re all under the rule of global government and borders are a thing of the past.

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