The U.S. Better Be Ready, Because HERE is What is Coming [WATCH]

One of the largest migrant caravans in recent memory is making its way through Mexico and sweeping aside all resistance in its path as it makes its way to the United States. The horde is seen in one video smashing through a line of Mexican riot police by sheer weight of numbers. Several thousand strong, the caravan left Guatemala on October 23 and began an organized march through Mexico which aims to reach the United States and enter the country by force.

Organized caravan headed for U.S.

The caravan was organized by one Irineo Mujica, who was born in Mexico and now has dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship after receiving an amnesty in 1986 for entering the country illegally.

Mujica has been organizing migrant caravans for years with the aim of bringing as many Mexican and Central American migrants into the United States as possible.

Why this individual who has facilitated tens of thousands of illegal border crossings is not in prison is unclear but given the current state of the U.S. legal system we probably shouldn’t expect anything else.

As the latest caravan got underway Mujica complained about President Biden’s handling of the situation at the border, claiming that Biden “doesn’t seem to have a clue” and that he isn’t doing enough to bring in illegal immigrants.

He says that his goal was to lead the migrants only as far as Mexico City, though few of his followers seem to be content with that. One man who was interviewed by Fox News said “Tell Biden we are coming”

The U.S. government seems to be letting just about everyone else in so members of this caravan have every reason to believe that they will be welcomed with open arms.

Mexican police brushed aside

Mexican police made a halfhearted effort to stop the caravan shortly after it began to move north. Armored police formed a wall of shields to block the highway being used by the migrants.

This caravan broke through their lines in a matter of seconds and the force then gave up and stepped aside as the cheering mob surged through the gap.

The police were evidently under orders to not use any force against the caravan; they appear to have stood passively until the migrants shoved their way through.

Mexican authorities are probably aware that these migrants will soon be taken off their hands by the Biden administration if they are allowed to reach the border.

Biden himself claims to want an end to the mess at the border but he has also harshly criticized any use of force to stop illegal immigrants.

Under the current White House the U.S. border may prove to be even less challenging to the caravan than the wall of Mexican police was.

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