Forbes Attempts to Downplay the Murder of an Innocent American

An article from Forbes which discusses recent statements made by former President Donald Trump manages to subtly promote the leftist belief that Ashli Babbitt deserved to die for questioning the results of one of the most questionable elections in American history. In a wonderful display of left wing journalism tactics, Forbes manages to very strongly convey these opinions with little more than a handful of well place quotation marks.

“Who shot Ashli Babbitt?”

Ashli Babbitt was an Air Force veteran, so why does the Forbes article include quotation marks around the word “veteran” and imply that she was not?

The Forbes headline itself is arranged to imply that Trump was somehow incorrect in implying that Babbitt did not pose a threat to anyone when she was shot.

Babbitt was an unarmed woman engaging in a political protest when she was murdered by an arm of the federal government without warning.

The trigger-happy individual who executed Babbitt has still not been identified six months later, though an attorney for the Babbitt family has pointed to one officer with a record of reckless firearm handling.

Trump recently released a statement which simply asked “who shot Ashli Babbitt?” In a subsequent press conference he elaborated on this, stating that “if the situation were reversed” the officer would be the “most well-known man in the world.”

While the author of the Forbes article pretends to be confused about what this statement meant, it is difficult to imagine that anyone in America could be seriously confused or in doubt about the truth of the remark.C

Forbes ignores 2020 riots

Forbes itself, while intentionally manipulating every detail of the Capitol story to justify the shooting of Babbitt, downplays the significance of the violent 2020 riots.

There were no firearms brought into the Capitol, despite efforts to claim otherwise based on flimsy hearsay evidence. Even if there were any present, Ashli Babbitt was certainly not carrying one.

The Summer rioters affiliated with Antifa and BLM did use weapons and they were used to kill and injure anyone who got in their way as they looted American cities.

Because these Summer riots merely terrorized regular Americans, rather than almost forcing politicians and journalists into interpersonal contact with the constituents they despise, Forbes and others have aggressively downplayed the destruction they caused.

Very few people have faced any consequences for participating in the violent leftist riots. Meanwhile, no expense has been spared in tracking down Trump supporters and subjecting them to extreme punishments for the most minor of crimes.

American liberals made whole cities burn after a drug addict with a violent history died in police custody last year. The death of a patriotic veteran and peaceful protester has been gleefully celebrated by the same people.

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