Capitol Police Drop Pelosi BOMBSHELL

The Capitol Police came clean this week.

After that horrific attack against Paul Pelosi, there were a lot of questions as to why the Capitol Police were not on top of this quicker with surveillance in place.

As it turns out, they were not monitoring the cameras on her home at the time of the attack.

Nobody Home

I can completely understand why cameras would not be actively monitored if a member of Congress is not home.

However, if they have a family at home, why are the cameras not being monitored?

So, if someone like Ted Cruz is out of town and his wife is home with his daughters, are they vulnerable to attack from some whacko in the same way it happened with Paul Pelosi?

On the monitoring of the home, the Capitol Police stated, “Among these are cameras that are used to actively monitor the Speaker’s San Francisco residence around the clock when she is there.

“While the Speaker was with her security detail in Washington, D.C., the San Francisco cameras were not actively monitored as they are when the Speaker is at the residence.”

Something else that was a bit surprising is that the Pelosi home does have a security system in place, or, at the very least, it was not turned on, which would raise even more questions.

When reporters asked San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins about a security system, she hedged her answer, stating, “There was no security present.”

She also stated that the responding officers’ bodycam footage would not be made public.

It seems like they are working pretty hard to keep some details quiet about this attack, and it makes no sense unless something hokey was going on.

The longer this secrecy goes on, the more questions will remain.

Source: New York Post

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