Biden’s War Crimes Will Lead to His Impeachment [Details]

Multiple independent investigations have indicated that one of the closing moves of the war in Afghanistan may have been an extremely reckless attack on innocent civilians carried out by the United States military and lied about by the Biden Administration. The New York Times and others have discovered evidence that a  drone strike which killed Afghan civilians had nothing to do with an alleged ISIS threat which the White House and Pentagon claim to have preempted.

War in Afghanistan ends with civilian deaths

In their eagerness to score a victory after the deadly attack on the Kabul airport, the White House and the Pentagon ordered a strike against a target in a crowded Kabul neighborhood as one of the final acts of the war.

It quickly became apparent that the strike had killed innocent civilians, including a number of young children. The U.S. claimed that these deaths were caused by secondary explosions rather than the missile itself.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley described it as a “righteous strike” that prevented further casualties by eliminating a threat before it reached the still volatile airport.

Evidence is increasingly showing that this was a blatant lie. The strike targeted  43-year-old Zemari Ahmadi, an employee of a U.S. based aid group who was simply going about his daily business.

No evidence has been found to support the claim that Ahmadi was transporting explosives in his car when he was struck. Footage instead shows him filling containers with water to be taken home for his family.

The Pentagon knew nothing about Ahmadi prior to ordering the strike and no physical investigation was carried out before the operation was announced to the American public as a success.


No evidence of ISIS connection

The New York Times did carry out an investigation, which found abundant evidence of the Hellfire missile which killed Ahmadi and his family, but none of the explosives he was said to be transporting.

Rather than admitting that the war ended with a careless attack on innocent civilians, the White House and the Pentagon still claim to be confident that they prevented a terrorist attack.

The only supposed proof which has been cited is the existence of secondary explosions; experts have found no evidence to support this claim, or to support the continued claims that Ahmadi was at all connected to ISIS.

As an employee of the U.S. based Nutrition and Education International, Ahmadi’s  was working to combat hunger and malnutrition in Afghanistan after decades of war.

If there is any merit to the claim that Ahmadi was scheming to kill Americans and Afghan civilians then he had devoted himself to a strange choice of careers.

Available evidence indicates that Ahmadi and his family were targeted mistakenly by a trigger-happy Pentagon and White House who have since chosen to lie about the success of the strike rather than admitting that someone made a horrific error in judgment.

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