Anti White, Race Baiting BLM Activist Claims She Will Run for POTUS

You might think that an anti-white, race baiting BLM activist is already in the White House. Now, however, we have a candidate who would be sure to make you miss even Joe Biden. Stacey Abrams of Georgia has announced that she has an “ambition” to run for president. The failed gubernatorial candidate has been a special favorite of the liberal media and Democrats in DC, enthusiasm which she is evidently hoping will take her all the way to the White House.

Stacey Abrams has ambitions

Abrams has built her political reputation in recent years almost exclusively on the issue of race. Abrams is sizable black woman and thus checks three very important demographic boxes for Democrats seeking new candidates for high office.

Abrams indeed expressed her presidential ambitions in these terms, explaining that she has a “responsibility” to become president on behalf of all women of color in America.

The campaign against Georgia for a supposed attack on “voter rights” has catapulted Abrams to new fame once again as activists descend on the southern state.

Georgia was one of several states which was rife with scandalous accusations of voter fraud during the 2020 election, claims which the new legislation in Georgia would address in part.

For Abrams and other activists, however, the ID requirements involved represent an attempt to suppress black votes, sparking the massive assault on Georgia.

The state was allegedly won by Democrats in 2020 for the first time in decades and the party aims to keep their prize firmly on their side for future races. Stacey Abrams is central to those plans.

The activist candidate of choice

Abrams is a true BLM candidate, an activist first and foremost for racial and anti-white policies and campaigns.

This is all exactly what the Democrats are looking for currently. Abrams was speculated to be in the running to become a Vice Presidential pick for the Biden campaign, a position she ultimately lost to Kamala Harris.

Abrams maintains a very strong position as a favorite of the activist wing of the Democrats, a position which could easily make her a strong competitor for a future presidential nomination, which may see her facing Harris.

Abrams did not specify when she intends to run, but it could be far sooner than many may think. If age, health, and unpopularity force Biden to not run again, as many have speculated, Abrams may find herself as one of the leading candidates in 2024.

Few politicians have been able to leverage their race into fame and power quite as spectacularly as Abrams has. For many BLM activists Abrams will undoubtedly be a preferred standard bearer in the future.

For now Stacey Abrams will continue to be a media darling as she fights against the state of Georgia. In a few years, however, it seems to be almost guaranteed that we will see her becoming a leading presidential candidate.

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