Chicago Mayor Spits Racist Comments…Goes Unchecked

Twitter is supposed to ban racist comments but somehow Lori Lightfoot’s go unchecked. The rabidly liberal mayor of Chicago, Illinois, used a racial slur against the new White House press secretary, and got away with it cold.

Mayor Lightfoot is ready to rumble

There are some people who would make billions on pay-per-view if they were locked into a cage together with an assortment of weapons. It’s probably a good thing that Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Kayleigh McEnany decided to duke it out on Twitter, but Americans can still fantasize. The proceeds could pay off the national debt.

Ms. Lightfoot took offense when Brian Bennett, the Time correspondent who covers the White House, pointed out that Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany just called her “the derelict mayor of Chicago.” McEnany also had the nerve to say Lightfoot “should request federal help to secure the city.”

In a blind rage of fury, Mayor Lightfoot tweeted out “Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth.” Facebook allowed the racial slander without raising a single red flag. According to Wikipedia, “Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.” You can imagine the meltdown if McEnany started a message aimed at Lightfoot, starting, “Hey, Aunt Jemima.”

Lightfoot is ‘derelict’

Mayor Lori Lightfoot allows criminals to run wild in her city while handcuffing the police. Many of her constituents consider her to be “derelict” in her duty to provide law and order. McEnany wasn’t referring to Lightfoot as “a person without a home, job, or property.” She gets too much taxpayer money in her pay envelope for that. McEnany was responding to a question about “the death of Black people at the hands of police.” Police aren’t killing nearly as many black people as other black people are.

Not only is Lori Lightfoot Chicago’s first Black female mayor, she’s also the first to come out as a lesbian. She sees nothing wrong with calling someone a “Karen.” To her, racism only goes one way. At a news conference Friday, she doubled down and called her comment “pretty straightforward.” That it was. Conservative Americans are wondering why she hasn’t been Twitter banned yet. She didn’t even get a red flag slap on the wrist. Only President Trump’s controversial tweets get flagged.

Instead of getting criminals off the streets, Mayor Lightfoot wants to make sure that homeowners can’t defend themselves, now that the police are gone. “It makes no sense that people from Chicago can go across the border to Indiana and buy military grade weapons and bring them back to our city and kill our children.” She refuses to speculate as to how those innocent children ended up face to face with an assault rifle. During a burglary perhaps?

  1. If a judge wants capital punishment enforced, just release the felon onto the streets of Chicago. It won’t take long, and Ms/Mr/M? Mayor will promptly blame Trump.

  2. There’s racism, and there’s PC racism. Lori Lightfoot knows which she can practice with arrogance and impunity.

  3. Lori lighthead the total package of the perfect progressive person… she’s black: she’s a rug muncher: she’s a racist:she’s a bitch: she’s an idiot: she’s a self serving conceded clown: she’s believe she’s better than others:she’s a communist: she’s a lier: she’s without empathy: she’s an asshole: she’s an ugly f::k: she’s in power and it’s gone to her little head: she’s low knowledge: she’s hates cops: she hates America: she hates conservatives: she hates President Trump: she hates the Constitution:she hates white people, she’s a femiNazi, and her being so ugly she’s probably a he so the final piece is in she’s a transdick! The perfect evolved progressive! In other words a f::ken large unGodly mess! Where is Sirhan Sirhan when you need him? Nuff said!

  4. What did you expect … she’s a niger and they can be as race as they want . So now Iam acting racists too just to see if I can get away with it like she did . Being a half breed I had racists shit thrown at me my hole life by whites and blacks . So don’t try tell me about racists BS . They only use racists BS when they don’t have anything else . When backed into a corner they come back with racists BS cause their to stupid to come up with a real answer or cause their guilty as hell of something and can’t Admit it . So what is it …. guilty or stupid … Shes one or the other … or both … Either way she thinks she’s special and using her title to hide behind . And that’s racists and wrong . That’s all I have to say about that .

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