Pedophile ‘Mastermind’ Unmasked

Accused pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell was just unmasked as “the mastermind” behind Jeffrey Epstein’s perverted activities. According to Virginia Giuffre-Roberts, “she is a monster.” Also, Roberts says Ghislaine isn’t the only one involved in the scandal who should be on suicide watch. Prince Andrew shouldn’t be left alone too long either, he might have an incident with a necktie.

Maxwell as much a pedophile as Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell was every bit as much of a pedophile as Jeffrey Epstein. The pair had such a close relationship that they’re often called “two pedophiles in a pod.” Even so, they weren’t as much of a couple, as in a business arrangement. The business of blackmailing world leaders. Like Prince Andrew.

Everyone thinks that Jeffrey Epstein was the top pedophile in the “pizza party” food chain, but Roberts says otherwise. “Prince Andrew should be panicking,” Virginia Giuffre-Roberts told CBS recently, “he knows he’s guilty.” Ever since Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire, the spotlight has been focused on the Duke of York. “He needs to be held accountable. We need to show the world that the rich and the mighty can fall too.”

The woman everyone considers Epstein’s top lieutenant, Ghislaine Maxwell, continues to insist that she’s not the “Cruella De Vil” caricature the media paints her as. She’s not a pedophile and had no idea what Jeffrey was doing with the underage girls she rounded up for him. She considers herself pure as the driven snow. She also has more than a few really powerful people hoping that her really expensive lawyers will get her out of jail before she gets uncomfortable enough to start dropping crumbs of evidence. Nobody knows where the videotapes went. If something happens to her in jail, they could all come out at once on Wikileaks.

She’s worse than Epstein

Virginia Roberts is stunned at the way Ghislaine Maxwell smiles and denies being a pedophile with such sociopathic calm. “She is a monster. She’s worse than Epstein. She did things even worse than Epstein did.” She did them to Ms. Roberts. When Virginia Giuffre-Roberts was only 17.

The British pedophile, with major international social connections all the way up to the Rothschild family, is currently sitting in a Manhattan jail cell. Her pricey attorneys were unable to convince or intimidate the judge into granting house arrest, so she’ll be there until she goes to trial on six counts of sex trafficking and perjury.

“I asked her: ‘Why are you having all these girls come in and sleep with your boyfriend?’ She was like: ‘So I don’t have to do it all the time.’ She made a joke out of it. “She did it to keep Jeffrey happy. She did it because she loves the control of people. Jeffrey was a sick pedophile but she was the mastermind.” Another victim, Maria Farmer confirms that. “She was definitely the mastermind. She was in charge. That woman was much more sinister than Epstein, and to me, much more dangerous.”


The perfect replacement

As described by Vanity Fair writer Vicky Ward, Maxwell considered pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to be “the perfect replacement for her father.” She was often described as “his favorite daughter” and they were “quite close.” He named his yacht after her. Ghislaine isn’t all that into men but many believe her father taught her the ins and outs of what’s called “the badger game” when she was young and tender enough to be used as bait herself. Her publishing tycoon daddy was also considered a ranking Mossad agent and potentially a triple agent, ready to double-cross anyone for the right reasons.

Epstein “saved her,” Ward relates. “I remember a close friend of mine telling me. ‘When her father died, she was a wreck; inconsolable. And then Jeffrey took her in. She’s never forgotten that—and never will.'” Everyone knew he was a pedophile, even then. “Jeffrey had his sexual peccadilloes, but then Ghislaine’s father was not without his oddities. To Ghislaine, Jeffrey’s habits may not have seemed that strange.” Most “successful people,” the friend continued, “have some weird habit.”

Virginia Roberts is convinced that Maxwell was pulling Epstein’s strings. “She was vicious, she was evil, and she was a woman. I know that woman. I’ve known her really well. Put it this way. Epstein was Pinocchio and she was Gepetto. She was the guy controlling Jeffrey. She was pulling the strings. She had his money, he had her contacts. But Ghislaine was much more conniving and smart than Epstein ever was.” Maxwell could “smell the vulnerability of a person.” As soon as Maxwell learned Ms. Roberts was a victim of abuse, Ghislaine immediately gave her a the “Cheshire smile” of a true pedophile.

  1. Whoever is involved they won’t be exposed if they are a Democrap. Look at how their RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS in the MORON MEDIA protected a retired Democrap when they leaked the story about Epstein’s records and Prince Andrew’s name.

  2. She needs to be strung up, I’ll say this— if my daughter was one that she snatched she wouldn’t be around to face the music!

  3. Those of you who feel she will survive to finger the rich and powerful are living in a dream world. Bill and Hillary ring a bell?

  4. come on Maxwell, you really believe that people are that stupid? you were the mastermind behind Epstein, I hope you get the justice you deserve

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