Gunfire Erupts: Mass Shooting Caught On Camera

At least fourteen people were injured in a mass shooting outside a Chicago funeral home. Rabidly liberal Mayor Lori Lightfoot has allowed her city to devolve into wild west anarchy. Fourteen people mourning a murder victim were ambushed on Tuesday, leading to a shoot-out on the street. Security cameras caught the audio and some of the confusion.

Just another shooting spree

Just because fourteen people were hospitalized after a shooting spree is no need for Chicago residents to get upset. It’s another five star day in progressive paradise. The conditions of the victims are “unknown at this time,” the Chicago Police Department relates. According to First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter, “all known victims are adults.”

Around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, “a black vehicle came speeding down the street and someone in it ‘began firing at attendees of a funeral,” Carter reports. “Some at the funeral began to fire back. When the vehicle soon crashed and came to a stop, it’s occupants got out and fled in various directions.” They managed to pick up one “person of interest” in the shooting and he’s having a little chat with detectives.

Ever since Democrat officials declared war on their own police department, the local criminals took it as permission to do whatever they please. Anarchy is rampant. Violent crimes including shooting and murder sprees are spiking through the roof. Meanwhile, the unhinged Mayor goes on the attack against anyone who suggest that she’s supposed to be suppling law and order.

Chaos and lawlessness

The president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, John Catanzara, calls Mayor Lightfoot unprofessional, childish and pathetic after she had some nasty things to say about him and his men. She won’t let them stop the shooting spree. Before the shoot-out at the funeral home, Catanzara “wrote a letter to President Trump asking for federal assistance amid Chicago’s continuing crime wave,” Fox reports.

Mayor Lightfoot was so upset that Catanzara went over her head that she “called the prospect of federal intervention ‘chaos’ and ‘lawlessness.’ It proves she’s living in a photographic negative of reality and mentally unstable. To the mayor of a major metropolitan city, the police represent lawlessness while the anarchists shooting up her city are encouraged to settle their differences with gunfire and use a ball peen hammer for a visa card. The looters, rioters and murderers all “know there are no consequences.”

“She is literally running the Titanic into an iceberg intentionally.” As Catanzara explains, at least fifty-six rounds were fired in the funeral home shooting despite the police paying “special attention” to the event. They were on alert, “because of the gang victim that was already being waked at the funeral home.” The cops were waiting for an ambush and were totally unable to prevent it.

“The mayor likes to use the word ‘unhinged’ but the ironic part is the mayor became unhinged. I wish I could show you the text messages that she sent me over the weekend as soon as she found out I sent the request to President Trump,” he told Laura Ingraham. “She was the one who totally became unhinged, unprofessional, childish and it was really pathetic for the leader of a city.” Along with the rest of the county leadership, “They have no idea what real justice is, [there] is basically the bloodbath in the street as a result.” The shooting will continue until someone wakes up and puts an end to the anarchy.

  1. The mayor lightfoot is a joke she’s unfit to be anything of substance to Chicago martial law needs to happen there

  2. they don’t need the police just pick up the bodies in a few days when there rotting that way you don’t have to worry about being shot because the stink will be so bad.yes who needs the police any more just defund the hell out of them Como the commie SOB needs to spend the rest of his life in prison he is a murderer but what the hell they voted his sorry ass in so they can take the shots

  3. Obama’s political career depended upon Chicago politics, which the Lightfoot style of government is an example. Obama should have moved to the Chicago inner city after leaving office, in order to ‘organize’ it and make it all better. Oh, wait; he couldn’t get that done as President, so he surely can’t do it as a private citizen. Obama had his chance, and he brought shame upon the black race as the first ‘black’ (mullato) President, who conducted his administration with widespread anti-U.S.A. corruption.

  4. Chi-Congo Chi-Congo I went through the Watts riots and then the Rodney King Lionel Denny situation. Get a job and shut your forking face. If you don`t like our constitution move. We right now are in a one-sided war. What do you think is going to happen to Antifa & BLM when the dirty white boy gears up.

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