Trump Turncoat Sues AG Barr

President Trump’s turncoat lawyer just hired a process server to visit Attorney General William Barr and hit him with a legal suit. Michael Cohen takes being sent back to jail personally.

A renegade turncoat

President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Micheal Cohen, became a renegade turncoat when he threw the president under the bus to save his own skin. Lawyers like to set things up so they have everything both ways. To them, any particular issue is nothing but a theory. Every theory has a counter theory for lawyers to happily argue over for years, until they eventually reach a deal. He’s not happy to be back in his cell.

Maybe the turncoat should have thought twice about breaking house arrest to go to a fancy restaurant. His theory is that he “was not in violation of his release.” A photographer captured Cohen “dining at a restaurant near his apartment with his wife and another couple. He told the judge that “he was contacted by a prison administrator and told officials in Washington were “upset” with the story.” He insists that he was told it was okay.

The only way Cohen can think of to get out of his cage is by suing the Attorney General. The turncoat traitor insists that the only reason he’s back in jail is as retaliation “over a book he is writing about President Trump.” His lawyers argue that “He is being held in retaliation for his protected speech, including drafting a book manuscript that is critical of the President — and recently making public his intention to publish that book soon, shortly before the upcoming election.” It was enough to get him an expedited hearing.

Cohen gets his day in court

The disgraced turncoat is trying to shake down the administration and it worked enough to get Cohen his day in court. He has a hearing set to decide the issue on Thursday. Prosecutors will argue that not only did he slip the leash to go to dinner, he decided not to cooperate and stick to an agreement that he made.

Cohen’s book wouldn’t be so controversial if he simply signed off on the agreement not to publish it until after his sentence is completed. The only problem is that by then, it won’t matter because the election will be long over and he won’t sell a single copy. Whether or not a word he says in the book is true, publishing now would make the turncoat a mint.

Lawyers for the jail-bound turncoat assert that he has First Amendment rights to free speech and they airlifted in some backup troops from the ACLU to help with the heavy lifting. “This case is about a brazen assault on the First Amendment and the rule of law,” Danya Perry told reporters. Perry represents Cohen in the lawsuit against William Barr. “We trust that our Constitution will prevail and that free speech will continue to be protected, for our client and for all others by extension.”

  1. Now please explain to me why Cohen should be treated any different than anyone else on house arrest, now in my sons rental property he has had many house arrest persons who are allowed about 2 hours a day to go out, but have to notify by phone where they are going, and must be back within the time because if they are not the alarm connected to the phone goes off. Now nothing in the published information says anything about Cohen breaking house arrest rules, and they would say that if he had, it simply says he would not sign a release agreement at he time.

  2. Now I do think a judge just straightened this all out, that the release agreement was not legal in any way that the DOJ wanted Cohen to sign.

  3. He would have stood a much better chance if he stuck with the President. My guess he would never have gone to jail if he was honorable. Now he has to keep lying and lying and lying and he forgot the last deal he made with the devil. Lesson is stick with your friends, do the right thing by them. Sell outs never win.

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