LIAR Democrat Claims Jan. 6 ‘Terror Attack’ Left ‘Almost 10 Dead’… The Truth is 4 Died and ALL Were Trump Supporters

Trump supporters went to Washington DC to support him. We wanted the process to work that’s been in place since the nation was founded. The media doesn’t like that there were no weapons found so you don’t hear anything about that. AOC has proven many times she needed to remain a bartender. But the Democrats understand that if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes truth so January 6 is being rebranded.

Trump is a threat to Democrats

At one point, our government worked together. Now there’s propaganda that must be repeated because the people loved Trump. Apparently a recent claim that January 6 was worse than September 11 didn’t poll well.

AOC recently tweeted that January 6 was a “terror attack” which left “almost 10 dead”. News flash, Alexandria, only four people died there. All four were Trump supporters so if you’re looking for a little justice, you got some that day.

Only four died

Two died of heart attacks. Both Kevin Greeson, age 55 and Benjamin Phillips, age 50 passed from natural causes. Roseanne Boyland, age 34 died from “acute amphetamine intoxication” and Ashli Babbitt, age 35 died from being shot in the shoulder.

The New York Times tried to make it sound like Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was killed by Trump supporters. The Washington medical examiner found instead that he died the day after from two strokes unrelated to January 6. The truth doesn’t matter though, even President Biden has repeated that Sicknick was murdered by Trump people.

Several Capitol police deaths

Were suicides following that day. They may have known the truth and were under severe pressure to not reveal it. To this day, Supreme Court justices and other elected officials have been either threatened or paid to not even look at the Trump election.

Foreign policy expert Jim Hanson thought all of this was ludicrous. “It is a riot. You know, it was definitely a tiny group of people who may have had some insurrectionist ideas, but they didn’t even bring guns. You know? I mean, how intense of an insurrection are you having if you didn’t even bring anything beyond bear spray? They have arrested pretty much anybody who took a selfie in the Capitol for federal crimes. They’re overcharging everything. They’re keeping people in solitary confinement, no bail, and basically abusing state power in a very scary way.” A real insurrection would have happened at 4 am and weapons would have been brought and used.

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