Disturbing Photos of Nancy Pelosi Emerge

Nancy Pelosi is seen in recent photos posing with powerful donor George Soros and his son. Soros is an extremely controversial and often reviled figure in global politics, a man who has used his considerable fortune to influence events both in America and abroad. He has consistently supported liberal causes and politicians, including Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. He likely has a great deal of influence over the current administration and the Democratic Party in general.

A dangerous presence abroad

George Soros has been a malignant presence in global politics for decades, allying with politicians like Nancy Pelosi to ruthlessly spread neoliberal causes around the world.

Soros leads the Open Society Foundations, named for a book written by Karl Popper, a “philosopher” who promoted modern liberalism by disparaging philosophers  who were actually intelligent.

Using this shining example, Soros and his organizations have worked to subvert the national identities and social cohesions of a number of independent countries.

Eastern European countries only recently liberated from Soviet communism have found themselves facing a far more subtle form of attack by Soros and his minions.

Hungary, Poland, Romania, and others seeking to reassert their national and religious identities have been forced to resist attempts by Soros to eliminate those identities.

Multiple countries have recognized the dangers and expelled the Open Society Foundations or pressured Soros into suspending his operations within their borders.

Anti-Soros sign in Hungary

Pelosi meets Soros

His schemes have been no less extensive in the United States, where he has been able to exert an obvious influence over Biden, Pelosi, and others.

Soros has played a role in promoting anti-police and anti-white causes within the United States, particularly in connection to the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

While he is by no means the only major individual donor propping up these leftist causes, Soros is certainly one of the most influential and notorious.

Nancy Pelosi undoubtedly listens to what George Soros wants, and police defunding seems to be among his most important causes at the moment.

While concerns about Soros are often dismissed as conspiracy theories, there is no theorizing required to see what George Soros himself is proudly funding and promoting.

The thought of what might have passed between Soros and Pelosi at this meeting will be an equally disturbing question for people both in America and abroad.

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