Ron DeSantis Makes Another Bold Move

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed legislation which bans males from playing on public school teams meant for girls. “Transgender” athletes will be barred under the new law, which takes effect on July 1 but is sure to face challenges in court from opponents. Democrats claim that the law is “unconstitutional” and plan to challenge it on those grounds. While many states have expressed their intentions to enact similar legislation, DeSantis has already placed himself at the center of the issue.

DeSantis fights leftist gender agenda

The “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” will ensure that girls in Florida will not be forced to share their locker rooms and sports teams with males at any public schools.

The bizarre national issue has become a major source of culture war battles as LGBTQA etc. activists and their allies fight for the right for mentally ill men to share spaces with real women and girls.

Multiple GOP led states have already enacted legislation which mirrors that which was signed by DeSantis, including Idaho, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

All of these laws are likely to face determined legal assaults from Democrats, who have already claimed that they represent unconstitutional human rights violations and discrimination.

The president of the Human Rights Campaign, a left wing LGBT etc. group, warned that all Floridians would suffer as a result of the legislation through economic harm, expensive legal battles, and a “tarnished reputation.”

He did not, of course, mention the obvious fact that it is his organization and others like it which will force the state to face these problems, rather than simply allowing the people of Florida to protect their children.

Democrats vow to make Florida suffer

Indeed, Florida already faces economic concerns related to the legislation; the leftist NCAA has vowed to ensure that important college athletic events only take place in states which allow men to compete on women’s teams.

These events do generate a great deal of money for states which host them. Florida and the other states will thus be forced to choose between economic and moral priorities related to the laws.

DeSantis evidently has made up his own mind on the matter, stating as he signed the bill that “In Florida, girls are going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports.”

Democrats were particularly offended that DeSantis and the Florida GOP signed the bill on the first day of their “pride month,” which some claimed was an intentional “hate-driven attack”

Given his national prominence and frequent consideration as a future presidential candidate, DeSantis and his bill may attract the most determined attacks that any states have faced over such legislation so far.

As of July 1, however, it seems that sanity and biological reality may prevail in Florida public school. Success in Florida may even prompt other Republican led states to pass similar legislation.

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