CEO Fired For Using His Freedom of Speech

Have you ever laughed at the sight of a man in a dress? A Tennessee CEO did and he has now been fired for it. The CEO of a local company in Franklin, Tennessee has been removed from his position after being caught on camera mocking a teenage male wearing a dress. The company, VisuWell, has offered a desperate apology avowing their support for LGBTQ etc. causes in addition to announcing that the CEO, identified as Sam Johnson, had been fired.

CEO fired for laughing at cross-dresser

The groveling statement from VisuWell, a telemedicine company, confirmed that the Board of Directors has completely purged Mr. Johnson from any roles the company he may have held in addition to that of CEO.

Sam Johnson is not accused of committing any crime. In the video of the incident he can be seen quietly laughing and shaking his head at the freakish display while friends of the man in the dress scream profanities.

Dalton Stevens, who was the man in the dress, confirmed later that his aim is to “challenge gender norms,” wearing a dress to his high school prom was a part of this attempt to be provocative and transgressive.

The mainstream media has leapt at the chance to condemn the unfortunate CEO and to give a broader platform to the dress wearing male.

Before he was purged, the description of Sam Johnson as CEO for VisuWell included lavish praise, describing him as an innovator and problem solver with a long and distinguished history in his field.

Johnson is also said to head several other organizations related to his field of telemedicine. His current status in these organizations is unclear.

“You will accept the man in the dress”

In sum, then, this is the story of a normal, hard working, and well regarded CEO being fired and effectively removed from civil society simply for laughing at something that used to be relegated to the circus.

Mocking these sorts of clown shows was the norm only a few years ago. Now, however, laughing at a man in a dress for being a man in a dress puts your entire livelihood at risk.

The message to normal Americans is this: “we will put cross-dressing men in every public space just as we have inserted them into girl’s sports and locker rooms. React naturally to this and your life is over.”

Creeps in women’s clothing making scenes in public are to be the new normal even in a red state like Tennessee. The madness is no longer confined to left wing havens on the coasts.

One hopes that Mr. Johnson finds a sane company which is willing to recognize his evidently extensive talents and experience and give the former CEO a new position.

As for the teen provocateur in the dress, a bright future surely waits with the adoration of the mainstream media. Who knows, if he plays his cards right perhaps he could even make a run for governor.

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