Cowardly Politicians Turn on Each Other to Appease the Mob

In another shocking display of cowardice from Minnesota politicians, a long time city official has been fired simply for stating that a police officer deserves the right to due process. Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey was removed from his position in a desperate attempt by the mayor and city council to protect themselves from the mob and the ongoing riots and looting which has followed the shooting of Duane Wright by police.

Fired for supporting due process

Boganey has been with the city government since 2005 and has apparently been highly regarded by his colleagues for his work performance throughout his time there.

The abrupt firing comes in response to a brief statement by Boganey during a press conference on April 12. Following announcements from Mayor Mike Elliot that the officer who shot Wright should be immediately fired, Boganey simply pointed out that all city employees are entitled to due process.

The unfortunate city manager likely assumed that he was making a completely uncontroversial statement in saying that the officer would be properly investigated before being condemned by the city.

Almost immediately, however, his colleagues turned against Boganey and threw him out of office. Boganey, in claiming that a city employee must be given due process, could not have known that his colleagues would use him to disprove his own statement by the end of the day.

Mayor Elliot has also moved to usurp control of the police department and place it directly under his authority and is poised to remove the police chief

The purge is a sign of the increasing desperation of the mayor and city council as control over everything aside from their own employees continues to spiral out of their control.

Politicians beg to be spared by the mob

The firing was admitted to be part of a hasty attempt to appease rioters who might be offended by what Boganey said. If any of the looters have been paying attention or even know what due process is, however, they have not shown it so far. The scale of the riots has been completely unaffected.

Shockingly, Brooklyn Center city council members confessed to firing Mr. Boganey purely out of fear of retaliation against them for not doing so.

Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson confessed that she thought Boganey was doing a “great job” but that she feared that the mob would come for her own property or physically attack her for not voting to purge the City Manager.

Lawrence-Anderson revealed a truth which most Americans are terrified to express: in modern America there are lynch mobs roaming the streets at will directly intimidating citizens and politicians into voting for what the mobs want.

These are the kind of third world conditions which America bombs other countries for, now freely taking root in this country with seemingly no opposition at all.

In an American city in 2021 simply acknowledging the right to due process or voting according to your conscience makes you a potential target of both the government and the mob. The extent of the rot and cowardice in American politics continues to amaze and disgust.

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