Biden Snapped

Joe Biden is still raising concerns with his public behavior and prompting questions about his fitness to lead. At a press conference in Europe Biden responded bizarrely to reporters and snapped at them, in the process apparently forgetting how long he has been in office. Both Republicans and White House staff appear to have serious concerns about Biden and his performances in public; the trip to Europe has been highlighting these concerns.

Biden snaps at reporter

Biden is the oldest president in American history, at the age of 78. Still, the Biden Administration and the media have worked hard to deny that the age of Biden could have any effect on his presidency.

The White House staff has tried hard, however, to keep the president away from the press, given his frequent record of confused and confusing remarks.

When Biden does appear in public, he has often appeared to be exceptionally forgetful or unclear about the issues which he speaks about.

On a number of occasions Biden has appeared to lose track of his own thoughts in mid-sentence. He has even forgotten the names of his own cabinet members.

At the G7 summit in Cornwall, he introduced the president of South Africa, apparently forgetting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had already introduced that president only seconds before.

Also at the G7, Biden responded to a question by angrily saying “120 days… give me a break… need time.” At the time it was actually 145 days in office for the President.

“Clear mental impairment”

Needless to say, these performances would have been catastrophic for a president without such devoted support from the mainstream media.

President Trump was consistently accused of being mentally incompetent or unfit by the media, using any slight excuse that could be found for it.

Now, apparently, it is unthinkable to suggest that Biden may be, as a 78 year old man, not entirely up to the task of governing the most powerful nation on the planet.

Some Republican lawmakers have attempted to address the issue with a letter urging the president to take a cognitive test identical to one which Trump took in 2018.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, the doctor who administered that test to Trump led the collection of Congressmen who authored the letter, having been elected to the House of Representatives last year.

Rep. Jackson claims that Biden has shown signs of “clear mental impairment” and argued that the American people should be informed of the mental status of their president.

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