Dictator Democrat has Police, 200 troops BLOCK Republican Electors from State Capitol

In a move worthy of a banana republic, Governor Whitmer kept Republican electors from entering the building. It’s their Constitutional duty to do what they’re doing! The capitol was closed down under the guise of “safety” and a “credible threat of violence”. But the possible violence concerns weren’t addressed. The question was deflected, spokesman Gideon D’Assandro said people needed to talk to the police.

Another call for a second slate of electors

A Republican Representative spoke of another slate of electors due to so much uncertainty. “The Republican Electors felt like they needed to be seated today too”. The Constitutional right does exist for that alternate slate.

Over 200 troops including state police were sent to keep Republicans from doing their Constitutional duty. “Our Capitol is totally closed and locked down, away from the rest of the people,” one Michigan representative said. In a tweet, state police offered to let them put their votes in a manilla envelope. Not likely, they’ll be thrown out as soon as the electors leave.

Electors understand the gravity

Without the rule of law, anything will go. Even Democrats on some level want the rule of law, evidence Governor Whitmer asking for police protection after saying she wanted to defund the police. You can’t have it both ways.

Democrats will ignore the law if it works against them. The law needs to be enforced across the board for everybody, including elected officials.

Electors need to be allowed to do their job

Regardless your side of the fence. Several people tweeted out about the situation. Attorney Phillip Kline put out two:

“MI Attorney General is threatening legislators w criminal investigation and possible prosecution if they disagree with her, and the MI Governor and other officials are shutting down the peoples’ house and preventing them from gathering today to perform their constitutional duty,”

“Today, Trump electors from the state of Michigan, were denied entry to the Michigan State Capitol after Governor Whitmer and other officials sent 200+ troops to guard the building.”

Another attorney spoke up. “I am telling you that they’re not going to be allowed into the Cap

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