Pre-Teen’s Gruesome MURDER Plot Ends in TRAGEDY

Two pre-teen girls hatched a plot to kill their families and one of them followed through with it, mostly unsuccessfully. Paramedics rolled up on a disturbing scene. The tragic incident happened on September 20 in Weatherford, Texas. That’s about 30 miles west of Fort Worth, in northwest Parker County. A second girl involved lives all the way across the state in the distant town of Lufkin, more than 200 miles from last week’s shooting.

Murder plot ends in tragedy

The murder plot wasn’t as successful as planned but it still ended in tragedy. Other potential murders were prevented and questions are still swirling.

Even though it happened late last Tuesday night, this remains a breaking and developing story. Names haven’t been released because of the minors involved. The shooting suspect has only been identified as a 12-year-old girl.

As explained by the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, Ms. Doe is accused of “shooting her father and then herself as a part of a ‘murder plot’ she made with another child that involved killing their families.

She started blasting up the family home around 11:30 p.m. trying to kill her father for unknown reasons. She shot herself next. When paramedics arrived, they found the girl first, “lying in the street with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head and a handgun underneath her.

Inside the home they found her 38-year-old father with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Both were rushed by air to local hospitals. As of the following Monday, their conditions remained totally up in the air but on Tuesday an update notes both are expected to “survive.

How well they survive the ramifications of the botched murder plot remains to be determined. Officially, the paperwork notes “Sheriff’s investigators said the juvenile is believed to have shot her father, fled the scene, and later shot herself.

Planned for weeks

During the past week, detectives learned that Ms. Doe had “planned for several weeks to murder her family and pets and had been in contact with another juvenile female from Lufkin, TX, regarding the murder plot.” Authorities aren’t even revealing the age of the other juvenile.

Ms. “Lufkin” had “also planned to kill her father, but did not go through with the plan.” Her dad is glad she chickened out but that’s about all the police are telling the public.

The Sheriff did reveal that the way the plot was supposed to go down, Ms. Doe, an unlicensed 12-year-old, was to “drive to Lufkin, pick up the second girl and run away together to Georgia.” Nobody is saying how the girls knew each other.


Everyone really wants to know why these girls were so mad at their fathers that they wanted to kill them. Anyone who raised girls will agree, at that age, they might decide to do you in because they aren’t allowed to wear the brands of clothes their friends wear. They rarely follow through though.

According to the press release, Ms. Lufkin was “charged with criminal conspiracy in the planning of the murder plot.” Nobody knows what charges Ms. Doe is facing yet.

The Tuesday update notes that she is under arrest though. Lufkin Police are also investigating the incident in tandem with the Parker County Sheriff. We’ll keep an eye on this one for you and update when something interesting develops.


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