Yet Another Patriot News Organization Has Been Censored

In a direct attempt to silence conservative voices, DirecTV is removing One America News Network from its lineup.

Bloomberg reported on how the satellite TV provider notified the owner of OAN, Herring Networks Inc., that once their contract expired it would not be renewed.

Apparently DirecTV reached the decision “following a routine internal review,” according to a spokesperson.

In reality, the network was forcibly removed due to a coordinated effort by media firms and activists that support censorship. Last year in November, six organizations joined together to send a letter demanding AT&T and DirecTV to end its connection with the platform and to have DirecTV drop OAN.

The letter reads, “We are deeply disturbed to learn that AT&T helped establish and fund OAN, a purveyor of racial bigotry, conspiracy theories and calls for anti-democratic violence that endanger lives.”

“The company cannot continue to talk out of both sides of its mouth. It cannot speak to promoting values of equality and justice 11 while also funding a channel spreading conspiracy theories and applauding insurrection,” the letter states.

DirecTV spokesperson stated that the majority owner of DirecTV had received calls to dismiss OAN due to its support of conservatives.

As a result of the decision, OAN will now only be available to a small pool of subscribers.

OAN host Pearson Sharp called the company a “radical Marxist corporation,” saying, “Over the last few years, we’ve watched as countless independent, freethinking, and conservative organizations were shut down and censored by the radical left. Regrettably, that toxic cancel culture is still alive and well, and it’s coming after One America News.”

Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee created a letter addressing the AT&T Board of Directors, expressing “grave concern for the future of journalism and political discourse in America.” They called the decision “highly troubling and disappointing,” that the service was bowing to pressure from “powerful left-wing voices.”

From the get-go, this network has pushed itself to the far left as the Biden administration plot continues to “censor and silence” OAN.

Former president Donald Trump attacked AT&T and urged his fans to boycott their goods at a recent Arizona rally.

“Maybe what we should do is not use AT&T,” Trump said.

“All I can tell you is the people that are telling the truth in America like One America News are being threatened,” Trump asserted.

Watch it here: Youtube/MSNBC

Sources: Wnd, Reuters, Dailycaller



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