The Liberal Tears are Flowing Like Wine, Trump Unscathed

Liberals might view conservatives as cold and heartless since we might not couch our language in the flowery terms they like. And we get things done. Liberals aren’t used to a politician actually doing something. They’re used to the PR they’ve been fed for so many years. When liberals are willing to listen to conservatives, there are varying reactions. Embarrassment. Yelling and name calling just before shutting up and walking off. And tears.

Liberals don’t shut up

Ellesia Blaque, an assistant professor of African literature from Kutztown University had the chance to question Trump on ABC’s Town Hall. He answered, thinking she was done. Trump had a slight smile when she asked him to let her finish her question. He let her shut him down. Blaque didn’t need to add what she added. She must have figured if she added more it would change the answer.

Not surprisingly, Blaque hasn’t listened to Trump because he champions insurance companies covering pre-existing conditions. He may have attacked Obama and Obamacare in part because she brought it up. Trump told her why that plan wouldn’t have worked.

Liberal tactics

Liberals talk over Trump or any conservative. They actually don’t want to hear the answer. Liberals have been trying to shut conservatives up for years, talking over people is a tactic. People think he interrupts. It just looks that way because the liberals need to always have the floor.

Blaque attacked with both the feminist and race card on top of complaining about something she was born with. How much can the medical community do? It appears more study is needed on her condition because it’s managed rather than cured. This may be something Trump needs to negotiate. It may need to be an executive order because Congress won’t let that go through. So many others pick themselves up by their boot straps without complaining and get to work. Professor, you need to do the same thing. The world doesn’t owe you a thing.

Liberal mindset

CNN’s Brianna Keilar interviewed Blaque who is now considered a hero for “shutting Trump down”. She scolded Trump after he answered her to “Please stop and let me finish my question, sir”.

He’s heard it all before, professor. That’s why he “fluffed you off”. And he EARNED those “$3,000 pair of shoes”. He didn’t have to become President. He could have stayed in his cushy lifestyle and not be ridiculed daily by people who cannot or will not understand him. But he didn’t like the direction the country was going. So he ran for President – and won.

The catalyst to a different direction

A foreign born friend talked with Blaque about being able to vote at all. In the United States, we change power peacefully. There are many nations and countries that require bloodshed, maybe war for that to happen. Blaque was lambasted by somebody she rode home with for not taking advantage of voting!

A person she rode home with had just come from Turkey. That person told her what it’s like for relatives in Istanbul. It seems they can’t vote but she can and the friend was disgusted she wasn’t going to take advantage of that option to change leaders!

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