Fox News Cuts Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany in the Middle of Her Conf, Not Once But Twice!

While White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was in the middle of presenting vital information about the chaotic lawlessness and disorder going on in Democrat run cities, Fox cut her feed. Their editors got more than a little uncomfortable with the truth, not just once, but twice! We all knew this was coming when they tossed their “Fair and Balanced” slogan in the trash in August of 2016.

Fox news used to be dependable

Fox News used to be solidly conservative. That was when Rupert Murdoch was running it. The Murdoch dynasty turned out a lot like the Taggert dynasty in Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged. James Murdoch is a mirror image of James Taggert, the do nothing moocher who rode on the coattails of his sister’s accomplishments. James Murdoch and his wife donated to the Clintons. That says it all.

James and his kind obviously have a lot of pull inside the Fox editorial department, and used it to yank Kayleigh McEnany’s chain. It was just a subtle little reminder of who provides the medium for her message. And that the Deep State has it’s tentacles in everything.

Because “the press refuses to report the truth about the riots that they call ‘peaceful protests’ or ‘demonstrations,'” Independent Sentinel writes, “today, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany forced the media to watch a ‘supercut’ of them.” Guess what? “They refused to report it.” Even Fox News cut away twice, “at key moments.”

Peaceful protester hopes ‘whole family’ killed

The first of those key moments was when “a rioter cursed and said she hopes someone kills the officers’ whole family.” Those darned peaceful protest kids will say anything, won’t they? There’s no way any mainstream network, even Fox, is going to let you see peaceful protesters acting less than peaceful.

That wasn’t the only thing that Faux News censored. They also switched to liberal propaganda because Fox didn’t want you to see “a video of little kids cheering local police.”

One viewer reported that “Fox is running a loop of the so-called ‘Moms’ protesting in Portland that switches quickly to police gassing people, without any explanation.” The viewer was referring to anarchist protesters defending their evil offspring during riots. It’s a good thing the White House is still allowed to provide an uncensored YouTube feed. This is the first time in history an administration has to go around the press to inform the public.

  1. you know what? F**K Fox News, they are (has) been leaning left for a while now…will only watch Tucker, can’t stand Wallace and Juan

  2. It’s just about time to make a STAND! This lawlessness has gone on way too long. This needs to END and the guilty punished to the extent of OUR laws! Enough is Enough.

  3. wouldn’t that be the day when these peaceful protesters storm their homes and steal and kill their family members. I wonder what they would do? Fox news was our last hope and the evil that is going on in the world has taken them too. God is out of the pic that is why there is no law and order. What do think He gave us the 10 commandments for? There can be a tavern full of people and only 50% in a church, for now. Before long they will close the churches.

  4. What do you expect when FOX hired RINO Paul Ryan, ex-House Speaker as one of their executives, and you still have the likes of Chris Wallace and Donna Brazille along with Juan Williams and several other LIBERAL NumbiNuts allowed to commentate.

  5. The Media needs to be held responsible for their role in the propaganda! To all of them, “F***ing Goebbels would be proud of you!

  6. Fox News is becoming more liberal, inch by inch, as time moves along. When they cut Kayleigh off in the middle of an important story and then cut her off again before she finished her press conference presentation I was shocked. I find myself watching Fox less and less. It is bad enough having to sit through those pillow commercials every two minutes. In fact, I don’t know of any station with more commercials than Fox. And with their increasing left wing leanings I might as well watch CNN or CNBC. At least they have more programing and less commercials.

  7. Used to watch Chris Wallace but he is totally a Left Loon now. Just one example of many: Wallace, last week in his interview of President Trump last week said that Biden has never suggested he supports defunding the police. In fact there is audio/video of Biden verbalizing that yes, he believes funds should be transferred from police budgets. If that ain’t defunding then I don’t know what is. Sadly, Trump and his staff weren’t prepared with the actual Biden statement and Wallace got away with his lie for the moment.

    I have to budget what I watch each evening. I DVR everything from The Five through Shannon Bream. Always watch Tucker, a must and normally also Laura Ingraham. Then I usually watch at least one of the others but miss Hannity pretty often because I am weary of his interrupting style and repeating of facts that we all know and hearing that he worked in every low pay job some time in his life. Also, the constant statement that 99% of the FBI is good. I’m not so sure of that any longer….the culture set at the top soon pervades the entire organization. Too many in all such entities are “deep state”.

  8. Is it not sad that the only media that is considered Conservative, can not now stand Trump’s lies ort he defense his loyal mouth piece spouts from the point of all lies Trump tells.
    Now everyone of Trump supporters seem to want to make everyone else out a liar, but not Trump, they are so simple minded they actually believe his lies.

  9. Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith, Neil Cavuto, all anti American. Then they fired Trish Regan, that was the last straw. I quit FOXNEWS and switched to NEWSMAX.

  10. It was during Harris Faulkner that they cut out. I switched to OANN and saw the whole thing. Fox is turning. They hired cheater Donna Brazille knowing full well she is crooked. It’s too bad. It used to be honest but not anymore.

  11. Most people enjoy the variety offered in a buffet meal. I certainly do! The same is true with TV programs. If Fox is making a left turn, it won’t be long before everything we hear is coming from the left side of the street. In other words, right won’t even exist anymore. No options, no choices, nothing more than a one way street — a broad, straight road leading to God only knows where. I suspect, however, the destination won’t come with a pleasant landing.

  12. I love Kayleigh and sometimes I get the impression someone on FOX is jealous of her for some reason and they have the ability to cut her off fast. Others seem to like what she says and keep her on but that usually happens at night when maybe someone at FOX has gone home due to the fact they work daytime hours. Sounds crazy but the hours outside of night time, there is cutting off of President Trump too. One time I was watching President Trump and suddenly FOX cut him off and went to people giving their opinion of what he was saying, well, I don’t want someone else’s opinion when I can hear and was hearing what he was saying myself. I changed the channel and found President Trump still on Spectrum and finished watching his speech. Weird right.

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