Border Agent Tells the Truth About the Continuous Lies Coming from the White House

We already know the administration doesn’t care about the border security, but it helps to have more evidence each day. Former Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz spoke with Cecilia Vega on CBS “60 Minutes”. Ortiz said before he retired spring 2023 he never heard from Biden or Harris. That Ortiz was allowed to tell the truth at all shows the cracks in how happy progressives are with Biden.

The administration does nothing

Ortiz thought of his experience at the border, “I’ve never had one conversation with the president or the vice president, for that matter. And so, I was the chief of the Border Patrol. I commanded 21,000 people. That’s a problem.”

Vega asked him to repeat his thoughts on Biden, “Do you believe that the White House has sent mixed messages to migrants?” Ortiz responded, “Yeah, most definitely.” This exchange happened in a longer segment about the Texas border crisis.

The administration needs shields

Other than allowing Ortiz to say what he said, Vega simply repeated what she was supposed to. Among other things, Texas has clashed with the federal government over border security. Vega tried to depict Governor Greg Abbott as Jefferson Davis. She voiced over, “Governor Abbott argued the federal government had failed to fulfill its obligation to the states. And in that, some heard echoes of Texas’ history of rebellion and threats of secession.”

Vega made her beliefs obvious when she took an atrocious piece of legislation seriously. She voiced over, “President Biden says that if Republicans were serious about securing the border, they would not have rejected a bipartisan immigration deal in the Senate last month after former President Trump opposed it.” That deal does the opposite of what the media has said. It allows for more illegal border crossings and would have sent more money to foreign wars.

The administration hates America

Trump called the deal “horrendous”. House Speaker Mike Johnson thought it was “even worse than we expected.” On Feb. 7 the Senate stopped it, 50-49.

CBS, 60 Minutes and Vega serve no other purpose except to parrot talking points. The bigger news is that CBS covered the border and that Ortiz was allowed to talk at all. The illegal immigration narrative might be needing help. Media outlets might need to maintain the status quo while at the same time allowing the option to jettison Biden and Harris.

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