ALERT: Tensions Build, Large Police Presence Spotted

Tensions are building at Denver’s capitol on Friday evening, just before the sun goes down. The protesters are allowed to have their say, as long as it stays peaceful but there’s a large police presence massing in the wings. When things get dark, the violence could erupt out of control.

Building tensions in Denver

Professional anarchists are getting the gathered crowd whipped into a frenzy. Police units are gathering on the fringes of what could turn into a riot. The tensions of the crowd are building as protesters are expecting to be grabbed off the streets by federal agents at any moment.

The twitter tag #DenverProtest says that a big group of cops were spotted but not geared up for a riot. There were also confirmed sightings of “a dozen cops on motorcycles by the RTD station.” Unmarked cars were spotted and an anonymous source “at the capitol says there are a LOT of police at Broadway and Cleveland, more than they’ve seen in a while.

The anarchists have good reason to be nervous. They’re allegedly there simply to back the Black Lives Matter movement but they started the rally calling the Denver Capitol land belonging to indigenous people. They also made it quite clear that police in general are nothing but Gestapo and what we’re seeing today looks a lot like Nazi Germany. Unfortunately they have their history a little twisted.

Planning to tussle with police

It’s obvious that the anarchists are planning a tussle against the police and they’re itching to get something started. The tensions continue to rise. Uniformed officers are walking into the Capitol with pepperball guns at their sides. A few shout that they’re breaking the law by not wearing masks.

One insider, a staffer who works at the capitol informs that liberal Governor Jared Polis “was removing barriers around the building to make it easier” for the rioting anarchists to do more damage. Legislative staff was warned to stay home because the mounting tensions are sure to spark violent incidents. Even so, the last thing Polis wants to see is “federal law enforcement in Colorado.”

This is a developing story.

  1. It’s time to thin the herd of Amtifa and BLM. Enough is enough.

    Get jobs and be productive or get out of the country and find one you like, China comes to mind.

  2. If the governor of Colorado is removing protective barriers around the capitol to help protesters then he needs to be arrested for inciting a riot. How stupid can an elected politician get. This criminal and he has no right to be a duly elected office holder if he himself is a lawbreaker sworn to promote and maintain safety and security!

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