Democrat Headquarters Torched – ‘Everything’ Destroyed

The Democrat headquarters building for both Maricopa County and Arizona branches of the party was firebombed early Friday morning. No injuries were reported. Even though virtually “everything” was destroyed, they won’t be discouraged.

Democrat Headquarters destroyed

Liberals encourage anarchy until it comes at them, then they dial 911. It’s a good thing the Phoenix Police Department hasn’t been defunded. “Our computers, our phones, our tablets, our printers, everything to get out the vote was destroyed in the fire last night,” Steven Slugocki, the chairman of the county’s Democrat Party, relates. The fire is “suspected to be arson.”

When firefighters arrived on scene, around 1 a.m., “heavy smoke and fire were billowing from” the Democrat HQ. First responders “quickly entered the building to search for persons and began a fire attack to put out the flames,” fire officials report. “No one was inside the building at the time.”

After scouring through surveillance video from nearby buildings and combing the wreckage of the Democrat offices, they’re convinced the fire was human caused. The firebombing is being probed by the Phoenix Fire Investigation Task Force, along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Police have a clue it was arson but won’t say what

Phoenix police spokeswoman Sgt. Mercedes Fortune explains the incident at Democrat headquarters is being investigated as an arson “based on evidence discovered at the scene.” She declined to reveal what evidence convinced investigators the blaze was set intentionally, saying “she didn’t want to tip off the perpetrator.” The head of the Maricopa Democratic Party, didn’t mind though

Democrat leader Slugocki spilled the beans to reveal that someone threw a bomb through the window. “A person got out of their car, threw a projectile at the building, and drove away. Minutes later, the fire swept through the building.” He’s a little upset that “our computers, our phones, our tablets, our printers, everything to get out the vote was destroyed in the fire last night.”

The state level Democrat party chair, Felecia Rotellini, “learned of the fire early at 2 a.m. after the security system went off and staffers made her aware.” She’s happy that nobody was injured. “The fire is devastating, but we refuse to let this be a distraction.”

The state’s Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward issued a statement condemning the violence and praising the Phoenix Police and Fire departments “in ascertaining the cause of this act of cowardice.” They may be the Democrat party but political “violence against any party, group or individual should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” she insists. “Arizona Republicans look forward to meeting the Democrats on Election Day as opponents on the field of ideas,” she assures. “Arizona’s political leaders should take this opportunity to remind Arizonans of all backgrounds that while we may have differences on political issues and policy, ultimately we are all Americans and must treat each other as such.”

  1. The story will end when some good Democrat is arrested for starting the fire. Sometimes you have to make it look like your a victim.

      1. That’s great … lol I hope it was done by their pet BLM . Sooner or later they have to realize the delusional democrats are and will continue to us them . They own them now . They know who is doing the killing for them and can use that against them at any time . Once your owned by the delusional democrats your their fool forever . Guess it’s time for the so called BLM ( that dont care about black lifes ) to try to break free of the delusional democrats . They own you now . Now you will know how the real slaves felt back in the day . This isn’t new to the delusional democrats tho … back in the day they owned the slaves … so its back to the glory day for the delusional democrats . As the slaves of old used to say … you be good niger for the master now , ya hear . Looks like history is repeating it’s self again . If you don’t like them words , them change your ways to change history . Stop being the slave your crying about . The people up north tryed to give you your freedom but you threw that chance away for the delusional democrats promise of a better life that you never got … wake up black people the delusional democrats are not your friends , they use you for votes and that’s it . Nothing will change for you while under the delusional democrats foot . But thats your choice … so choose well . It’s your life were talking about . That’s all I have to say about that

  2. What if the video tapes show a person dressed in black with a black face mask throwing the projectile into the building? How will they twist that and say President Trump is responsible?

  3. Very clever!! Set up a fake office, equip in with old, obsolete and/or not functional computers, and burn it to the ground!! Blame it on the Republicans and collect mega-bucks in sympathy donations and votes. You’ve done it in the past, why not try it again!!

  4. I’d so glad, I just wished it would have burned to the ground…getting tired of it yet demoncraps? it is now happening to YOU, how do you like it so far?

  5. My every comment is “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. Hmmm, looks like someone at “News Hour First” is tracking my email address. Censorship, Zukkerburg anyone.

  6. Maybe some of the COWARDLY THUGS RIOTING have FINALLY gotten a brain and learned the TRUTH that Democraps are the ones responsible for all the Black Lives being lost. My money is on them trying to blame a Conservative or as the MORON MEDIA calls them Right Wing extremists.

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